Not intended for anyone under 13.
Harry/ Niall fanfic.

Harry moves in next door to a girl named Lyla. What will happen next?
Keep reading to find out (:


12. Chapter 12


Lyla’s P.O.V.

Turning the volume of my iPod up to its maximum, the sounds of Maroon 5 filled my eardrums as I pushed myself to my limits. The sand felt soft against the palms of my feet as they moved quickly, the droplets of sweat lingering on my skin. I felt my bun swing from side to side as I kept on running and running.
There was almost nobody else on the beach, only a few old people taking their early morning walks.

And then there was me; the person that couldn’t fall back asleep after having a rather strange, but also somewhat beautiful, dream. Deciding to get my mind off things, I changed into my gym clothes and just left. The jogging turned faster and faster with each minute and now here I was; running as fast as I could along the beach.

I forbid myself to even think about my dream; or Harry, or Niall or Emma. Or anything else. I wasn’t going to think of anything; all I would concentrate on was the cool breeze of morning air hit my hot, damp skin, and the movements of my feet. But then, I couldn’t take it anymore. Slowing down, I finally came to a full stop; resting my hands on my bent knees, I breathed heavily and quickly.

The sweat practically ran down the sides of my face, my chest rising and falling rapidly as I tried to calm myself down. Before I could even register what I was doing, I pulled my shirt and shorts off, hiding my iPod in between the fabric. Laying it on the floor, I was left in nothing but the bikini I’d thoughtfully put on underneath; hurrying my steps, I suddenly found myself in the sea. The water was cold against my heated skin; my heartbeat quickening, but soothing me at the same time.

Closing my eyes, I held my breath and dived into the water; and I couldn’t help but let the satisfied smile arise on my face. I continued floating on the surface, my eyes closed and skin tingling as the rays of sunshine streamed down, getting soaked in by my pores.

It was only now I realised I was, yet again, left alone with my thoughts. No more music blasting in my ears, just me and my brain.

How in the world had I gotten myself into this situation? Coming from no prospect of love and safety at all, to suddenly two boys wanting me? Me, especially. What exactly they saw in me, I didn’t know. All I knew was I didn’t know anything right now; no matter how illogical that was.

After floating around in the water for what felt like forever, I decided it was time to head back home. Wanting to embrace the boiling sun, I just put my earphones back in, and held my clothes in my hand. The bewildered looks from the people I passed, every one’s eyes widening at me just in my bikini didn’t faze me at all, despite the insecurities I had about my body; I really just found it amusing.

I felt like in a music video as I turned the corner, now walking down the street to my house. I hopped in rythm to the music, tapping my fingers against my thigh in time with the beat that filled my eardrums.

Harry’s P.O.V.

I inhaled deeply as I awoke from my slumber, subtly stretching my body. I tried turning around, but was prevented when I felt weight resting on my arm. My head tilted to my left, eyes instantly noticing the waves of blond that had fallen in the person’s face. Emma.

I thought I felt bare skin against mine; lifting the covers that were wrapped around us up and quickly checking, I was proven right. So she’d stayed over at mine? And judging from the lack of clothing, we’d had sex. Again.

Normally I should be feeling pretty good about myself, but right now, I just couldn’t. I knew I’d slept with her, purely out of frustration towards Lyla. And her rejection towards me; which I was pretty sure, was fake. She must‘ve felt it at as well; the buzzing had been undeniable.

Groaning as I slipped off the bed slowly, I pulled on a pair of boxers. Blinking, I looked at the time; 9.30.
Throwing a quick glance out of the window, I was just about to turn around and head to the loo; when suddenly, I spotted something. Or someone, to be exact. Walking down the street - in nothing but a bikini - was Lyla. My eyes widened in amusement as I stared at her, watching her spinning on the spot as she bobbed her head from side to side.

Unable to hold back a chuckle as I watched her, I leant against the window sill. She must’ve gone for a swim; and had probably been too lazy to put any clothes on. Typical.

Following her every step, movement and gesture intently with my eyes, I found it incredible how naturally mesmerizing a person could be.
My face was practically pressing against the glass of my window as I kept my eyes on her, before she gradually disappeared into her house.

“Harry?” Emma’s voice shook me from my haze. Turning to face her, I smiled warmly. “What you doing?”, she asked, stretching her arms above her head; causing her breasts to rise as well, inch by inch appearing from underneath the duvet. “I was just gonna go pee. Be right back.”

Finishing my business, I washed my hands, ran my fingers through the front of my curls and swished them to the side. Stepping back inside my room, Emma looked as though she’d fallen back asleep.

“You coming back to bed?”, she suddenly asked, her eyes still closed. Guess I was wrong, I thought to myself.
“Actually, uh..”, I muttered, rubbing the back of my neck. “Come on, babe.”, she smiled, fluttering her eyelashes at me.
Giving in, I slid back under the covers, letting her rest her head on my chest. “Sleep well?”, she asked, inhaling deeply. “Yeah..just sad I’m going away tomorrow.”

My head snapped to her as soon as the words left her mouth. “Leaving? What?”
“Gosh Harry, I told you about this last night at Lyla’s. My parents are forcing me to come along with them to visit my cousin who’s just had her baby…for a whole frickin’ week.” Sighing over-exaggeratedly, she drew shapes on my arm. “Oh..right.”, I mumbled. “Sucks.”
“Mhmmm… I’ll miss you.”

I gulped; before whispering the next few words even though I wasn’t entirely sure if I actually meant them. “I’ll miss you too.”

Lyla’s P.O.V.

Opening the door to my oven, I checked how far along the pizza already was. Sniffing the ever so loved scent of tuna, I closed the door again and turned the heat off. Emma would be turning up any second now, her last day before she would be going away on a sort of holiday was supposed to be spent with me. 

Of course I was happy about spending some girly time again - with food, movies, and gossiping. But the incessant nagging in the back of my head made my stomach churn with annoying nerves. Was I a bad friend if I didn’t tell her about what had happened between Harry and I? Then again, it wasn’t like they were together…yet…or at all..right?

Shaking my head, I rubbed my face with the palms of my hands. I really needed to stop thinking about everything too much, analyzing every single thing.

The doorbell rang and I hurried into the foyer. Taking a deep breath, I smiled widely as I opened the door; being met by an equally as bright smile by Emma. “Hi!”, she sang, stepping inside without having to be asked. “I smell tuna pizza?” Smiling even wider as I nodded, she thrust her hand into her bag; fishing out a bag of chips and another one of Skittles. “You’re exactly my kinda girl!” Both grinning, she threw an arm round my shoulder as we walked into the living room.

Already had I prepared all sorts of junkfood and drinks, along with a wide selection of movies for us to watch. “Shall this marathon begin!”, I giggled, slumping myself onto the sofa.


“Ew!”, Emma laughed loudly as she stuffed her mouth with the last piece of the second pizza of  tonight. “How in the world can you have sexual fantasies about Seth Rogan?” Her cackling echoed through my entire house, my chuckles following. “It was one dream!”, I protested. The few bottles of beer were clearly starting to slowly get to us. “Besides, it’s not my fault… it’s the curls!”

“That I get..” Her laughter started to slowly fade as she toyed with the tips of her hair. “That’s part of why I like Harry… his curls make him look like a little child at times, I swear. But believe me, he certainly is a man.” Giggling, she looked up at the ceiling. 
I suddenly silenced as I ilstened to her, feeling oddly weird to have someone else notice the same things I had about him; only had she seen even more of him.

“L?”, Emma asked, almost so silent I couldn’t hear. Humming in retaliation, I leaned my head back and glanced out of the window; outside’s darkness making my eyelids grow heavy. “I think I’m starting to like Harry a lot more than I planned on.”

My body froze as the words left Emma’s mouth. “Seriously? I mean.. you don’t even know him that long, right?”
“I know…but he’s just so…I don’t know..” 

“There’s just something about him..”, I suddenly said, not realising it until after I’d done so; although Emma didn’t seem to mind. “Yeah.. it’s like.. I don’t even know how to describe it. He’s just pretty fucking great.”

I opened my mouth to answer, but shut it as soon as I knew that all I would be doing was agreeing with her.
And the one thought that wouldn’t leave my mind before I gradually drifted off to sleep that night was, that everything Emma had said about Harry, was just as right for me. I liked Harry; whether I wanted to or not.. whether I could, or not.


“So, I’ll see you in a week, okay?”, Emma smiled sadly, before pulling me into a hug. “Yeah. Have fun, relax.. and give the baby a kiss for me.” 
Squeezing me, she planted a peck on my cheek. “I will.”

I watched her walked away with her bag in her hand as I pulled my hair up into a bun and smoothed the fabric of my simple white shirt and grey joggers, just about to close the door when suddenly she turned left in Harry’s driveway and walked up to his door. 
Doing my best to hide myself behind the door but still be able to see it all, I watched her raise her hand to ring the doorbell. It was in a matter of seconds, the door was opened and I saw her talking to someone. She brushed her fingers through her hair as she seemed to wait, her features lighting up as someone else seemed to approach. And before I even saw that certain someone step out and pull the door to behind them, I already knew it was him.

He was in his swim trunks and a white polo, his curls as perfect as always. The two of them exchanged a few words, before Emma stood up on her tiptoes and wrapped her arms round his neck. Harry did the same, wrapping his arms round her waist as he rested his head on her shoulder; his gaze subconsciously wandering to me. 

He squinted his eyes together as if he tried to make out if it really was me; widening in just a second as he realised it was. Cursing myself, I was just about to hop back into the house, when suddenly Emma pulled back and pressed her lips onto his. 

Something inside me stung all of a sudden, banging inside me like a hammer as I watched them. My brows furrowed together as I squeezed my eyes shut, not wanting to witness another moment of their intimacy. 

Closing the door shut, I rested my forehead onto it. This was all officially fucked up.

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