Not intended for anyone under 13.
Harry/ Niall fanfic.

Harry moves in next door to a girl named Lyla. What will happen next?
Keep reading to find out (:


11. Chapter 11


Call me tomorrow, okay?”, Emma said as she gave me another squeeze, before walking out of the door. Harry didn’t even do so much as glance at me before following her, Niall and me being left as the only ones in the foyer of my house. “I’ll text you tomorrow about that date, alright?”, he said, one of his hands on the small of my back. Nodding, I smiled; leaning forward, I planted a soft peck on his lips. Grinning, he flashed me a wink, before rushing out of the door and calling out for Emma, asking if she could give him a lift home.

Standing in the doorway, I watched him jump into the backseat of her convertible. Smiling, I waved to them; Harry just giving me one last, quick glance. Even though it was nothing more or less than one simple look, his eyes said so much. They told me how disappointed he was about what I’d told him earlier, how much that simple sentence of rejection had hurt him. Even though it shouldn’t have. And I didn’t know if it was me imagening things, but I couldn’t help but feel as if he didn’t quite believe me.

Shutting the door behind me, I decided to clean the living room up in the morning and made my way up the stairs. I went straight to bed that night, falling asleep in an instant; which surprised me. I had thought all the thoughts that were running around in my head would keep me awake for most of the night, if not all of it. But just as my head hit the pillow, I was in my very own dreamworld.

The dream I had that night, changed a lot.

I was typing as fast as I could, the keyboard of my laptop almost on fire. The ideas that rushed through my head were precious; I was afraid I’d forget them. And finishing this book off was the most important thing right now. The words and sentences just seemed to be flowing right out, my fingers moving faster than I’d ever imagined they could. Page after page was written, but suddenly, I stopped. Letting out a huge sigh of breath, I leant back in my chair. Exhausted.

Getting up, I grabbed the empty mug from my bedside table, slowly walking down the stairs. This was definitely my house; but it somehow looked different. There were more photos on the walls; one of which catching my attention instantly. It was of me; in a white dress; hair in a fancy updo. And next to me was Harry; in a tux, his curls perfectly styled. Huge smile on both our faces. What?

Quickening my steps, I hurried into the kitchen; my mug almost falling out of my hand as I stared at what was looking at me. Two curly haired heads. 4 pairs of green eyes.
There standing was Harry; looking better than ever. He was wearing a white poloshirt and beige chinos, everything about him the same as always. Still, he looked older; somehow more masculine, more muscular.
He flashed me one of his incomparable smiles, when all of a sudden, the smaller one of the curly haired people came rushing towards me. It was a little boy, probably about 3; the spitting image of Harry. And when he called me his mummy as he tried not to trip while running to me, my heart skipped a beat.

In a matter of seconds both my legs were covered by two, short arms wrapping around them. The face of the little boy nestled into my thighs, his curls shaking and bouncing from side to side as he did so.
“Wh-“, I started off,but Harry’s deep, husky voice interrupted my train of thoughts. “So, did you finish the chapter, babe?”, he asked casually, placing some plates and glasses into the dishwasher. Had he just called me babe? Were we married? And most important of all, was that our son?

“Uh..yeah.”, I muttered, once again interrupted by the arms of the little boy tugging at my forearms. Did he want me to lift him up? Doing so, I put my hands to his sides, pulling him up; him wrapping his short legs round my hips as I held him by his bottom and back. A grin stretched across the boys’ face, even though a few teeth were missing; a dimple dotting his right cheek. He literally was a small Harry; the only thing that distinguished them, though, were his eyes. They weren’t as light as Harry’s were, no hint of blue in them whatsoever. Instead, he had pecks of brown surrounding a deep shade of green; basically, those were my eyes. He was my son; I was married to Harry; we were living in my house; I was a writer. Holy.

“What’s your name, then?”, I asked, trying not to sound awkward at all; but then again, asking our own son what his name was, was kind of awkward. No matter in which situation you were in. “I’m Ben. You’re mummy and he’s daddy.” Giggling, he grinned; satisfied at himself. Nodding, I brushed a few of his chocolate brown locks out of his face; admiring his beauty. “Yes, that’s right.” Leaning forward so our noses were brushing against one another, he giggled again; my heart pounding in my chest, a foreign heat rising within me.

“Alright Benny, it’s time for your bath.” Harry’s voice interrupted this sweet moment, taking a few steps towards us, until he was stood to our right. I felt his hand on my lower back, the other pinching Ben’s cheek, before placing a kiss there. Ben however shook his head, nestling his head into the crook of my neck, “I don’t wanna take a bath!” His voice was so high and incredibly cute, I couldn’t help but tighten my grip around him. I was suddenly feeling overprotective; loving.
“And what if I come with?”, I whispered into his neck; Harry rolling his eyes at me as he brushed his fingers through my hair. My heart was beating like crazy underneath my chest. Everything seemed perfect.

“Okay!”, Ben exclaimed happily, wrapping his arms round my neck. I couldn’t help but let out a whole hearted laugh, turning around and heading in the direction of the stairs. Harry was hot on my heels, tickling Ben’s feet every so often, then acting as if he had done nothing.
Once we arrived in the bathroom, I undressed Ben; Harry letting the water into the bathtub. A fully naked little boy suddenly ran out of the bathroom; my eyes widening in confusion. Another laugh escaping my lips though, as he returned with some dinosaur toys within a few seconds.

Harry threw his head back as he laughed and hit Ben’s bottom playfully, before carefully lifting him into the bathtub. I couldn’t wipe the grin off my face as I kneeled down by the bathroom tiles, fascinated at how happy a human being could be. Ben was in his own little world right now, playing with his dinosaurs in the water. He was possibly the most beautiful, mesmerizing thing I had ever seen in my entire life.
Feeling a nudge in my side, I looked to my left; only to see Harry holding a small stool and positiong it by my bottom. Mouthing a thanks to him, I blushed as he smiled that smile again; that smile that made everything bad go away. But right now, nothing seemed bad.

Harry wrapped his arm round my waist as we both just sat there, watching Ben. His head was resting on my shoulder, his fingers toying with the waistline of my pajama bottoms. I got strangely aroused as he did that, the brush of his fingers on parts of skin I hadn’t felt him before feeling insanely good.
All washed up and ready for bed, Harry threw back over his shoulder and carried him into his room, all the while I tidied up the bathroom.

Following them into Ben’s room, which used to be my mother’s, I already saw Harry sitting on the edge of the small bed Ben was tucked in. Sitting down on the opposite edge, I subconsciously brought my fingers to his hair, playing with small ringlets that were just as soft as Harry’s; maybe even softer.
Harry had pulled out a book and started reading, changing his voice whenever a woman or man, good guy or bad guy was speaking. I had to giggle at every other sentence, his English accent still fascinating me; even though it seemed to have faded a bit, which saddened me.

My fingers made their way down to Ben’s cheek, the rosiness and softness making the same heat as earlier erupt in my stomache. This little guy right there was something special.
His breathing soon got heavier and slower soon, his eyes closing. Feeling the sudden urge to give him a kiss, I leant forward and placed one on his forehead. Smiling, I pulled away; my eyes wandering over to Harry; whose gaze was also locked on little Ben, adoration written across his face. Giving me a nod in the direction of the door, we both got up; leaving the door ajar as we stepped out of it.

I didn’t even know what I was doing, but instinctively walked into the direction of my room; which now, supposedly, had become mine and Harry’s. A kingsize bed and a huge wardrobe filled the room, the colours beige and white, mixed with some dark red elements making the entire room look beautiful. I was pretty sure I had decorated that one.
“I’m gonna hop in the shower. You gonna come?” I jumped, Harry’s deep voice interrupting my train of thoughts. “Sorry what?”, I asked, somehow blushing at his question.

“I asked if you wanted to hop in the shower?” His voice was so alluring, his appearance breathtaking. Harry was gorgeous. “Uh.. no.. I’ll, uh.. I’ll wait here.”, I muttered, pointing at the bed. “Okay.”, he replied, grinning, then turning on his heels.
Letting out a deep breath, I flung myself onto the bed. Now would be the perfect time to wake up from this dream, I told myself. Wake up, Lyla.
“Wake up!”, I shouted into the pillow. Wasn’t it unusual to know you’re dreaming when you do?

I pulled the duvet up to my chest, drumming my fingers against it. What would happen when Harry returned? My question was soon to be answered; minutes passing by quicker than I wanted them to and before I knew it, into the room returned a half naked Harry. Only a towl was wrapped around his hips; his lightly toned upperbody showed off in all his glory. His curls were still wet, some droplets running down his front and back. My, he looked delicious.

He must’ve noticed me staring at him as if he was something to eat, his eyebrows raising and throaty chuckles echoing through the room. “What are you looking at?”, he asked jokingly, placing his hand on his hips.
“Nothing…”, I retaliated shyly. But then I remembered we were married; however weird that was. “Just checking out my hot husband.”, I then added; arching an eyebrow at him.
Smiling widely, he showed off his perfectly straight set of white teeth, walking over to me and flinging himself onto the bed. I couldn’t help but giggle loudly as he came to hover above me, tickling my sides. His wet curls brushed over my forehead, his hot breath hitting my face as he chuckled along with me.

Catching his wrist that continued to chuckle me, I finally managed to stop him; an amused, yet devillish expression in his eyes. His other hand supported his bodyweight that was above me, his lower body, though, was pressed against me; and I could literally feel him getting excited. “I hardly saw you today.”, he whispered, then placed a featherlight kiss on my lips. His small kisses carried on to my cheeks and my jawline; his lips even softer than in real life.

“I missed you.” His whispered words were hot on the skin of my neck as his lips worked their magic there; kissing, sucking, nibbling, tongue flickering. I sighed heavily, my body succombing to its needs; the need for Harry. And this very need was even greater in my dream.
“I missed you too.”, I replied breathlessly, my hands making their way over his shoulders and down his shoulder blades; the skin still damp.

Harry’s lips trailed down my collarbones, to my chest, as his fingers slipped the straps of my vest top off my shoulders and the neckline lower. My bra was now revealed, his fingertips stroking the skin that was visible, his mouth soon following. I arched my back at his touch, his hands undoing the hook of my bra. Once it was removed, my top soon followed; Harry’s unfamiliarly dark eyes staring into mine. His hands stroked my breasts and stomache, grabbing the waistline of my pajama bottoms and shoving it down my legs. The towel that was once tightly wrapped around his hips had now loosened and almost fell off; the continuous grinding of his crotch into mine giving me a taster of what awaited underneath it.

He took both my legs into his hands, alternately kissing its way up them. His curls tickled my thighs as his mouth had reached the inside of them; my breathing getting heavier and faster in anticipation of what was about to occur. At first, Harry only stroked the crotch of my underwear with his fingertips; his touch merely a brush, nevertheless making my insides boil like crazy. My hips bucked towards his skilled touch; wiggling them as he slowly and teasingly pulled my underwear off me.

My breath hitched in my throat as I realised I was now fully naked; fully exposed. Nibbling the inside of my cheek, I still breathed heavy and fast; the next few words Harry said making all this seem too good to be true.
“God, you’re so beautiful.” His words were almost a groan as he practically dived in between my legs; blowing a hot breeze onto the one place that literally ached for his touch. I let out a small whimper at the feeling, trying to hold back a scream as I felt his tongue lap across my opening.
The lapping turned into a flickering, the very tip of his tongue dancing over my clit; until suddenly, he started sucking on it, making me almost explode with excitement.

Entwining my fingers with his locks, I pulled him up again, our tongnues dancing around each other as he ground himself into me again. Instinctively reaching between us, I fully discarded the towel from his body and grabbed his shaft. A hiss escaped his lips as I started stroking him up and down, my thumb softly brushing over his tip. 
“Fuck, Emma.”, he groaned into the crook of my neck; and I froze. “What?”, I shrieked, pushing him away by his chest. “What what?” His voice was full of confusion, as was his face. “Did you just call me Emma?” 

I sat up straight, pulling the duvet up to cover some of my body. “Well yeah.. that’s your name? What’s wrong, baby?” 
At that very moment, I felt sick. Jumping off of the bed, I rushed to the mirror that was attached to the wardrobe. Glancing into it, I gasped loudly.
Staring back at me were not those green eyes with a mix of brown; it were deep blue eyes. My hair wasn’t the usual mixes of blonde and brown that usually condescended into brown; it were those long blonde locks. I brought my fingers to my face, touching it; I was mortified at my reflexion. Squeezing my eyes shut, I opened them again; now my real self staring back at me. What the fuck was going on?

“Lyla?”, I heard a voice from my right say; but it wasn’t the usual husky voice that belonged to Harry; it was different. And I knew exactly who it belonged to; Niall. Gulping deeply, I tilted my head to the side; the deeply aquatic irises looking at me in confusion. 

My eyes shot open in horror, my entire body soaking wet with sweat. I sat up straight in my bed, throwing the duvet off my body. Rushing out of my room into the bathroom, I glanced in the mirror; my face and eyes screwed up in pure shock. I turned the water tap on and splashed my face with ice cold water; my heart beating a hundred miles an hour.

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