3. Getting Ready.<3


~Stephanie's POV~

I knock on the door. No answer. I knock again. About 2 minutes later Kaitlyn answers... "Well , It's about time" I mumble. Kaitlyn just laughs. "I'M SO FUCKING EXCITED!" She literally screams in my ear. I roll my eyes.. "Me too , i guess." I say walking into her house, nudging her shoulder. She turns around and shuts the door. I kick my shoes off and follow Kaitlyn up too her room. "How goes it?" She asks walking into her room. "Eh.. It goes" I say laughing. Kaitlyn plops down on her bed and shows me the shirts she made for us. I totally zone out. ...

~Kaitlyns POV~

"Soo...?" I say. "What do ya think?" I ask , literally making Stephanie jump ... "Their umm , amazing" she says giving me all her attention. "Good" I say throwing the shirt at her and hitting her in the face. I burst out laughing. She starts laughing and plops down on the bed next to me. "Well , We got an hour to go until the concert." I say. "What do you wanna do?" I say sighing wishing the time would go by faster. "We can do our nails...?" She suggests. "Sure." I say , running into my bathroom getting my bag that's filled with Nail polish. I run back into my room and spread all of the colours out on the floor "Pick one" I say. "I dont know what one to pick" Stephanie says looking at all of the colours. "JUST PICK ONE!" I yell ... "Fine, Fine,... Jeez, Calm yourself girl." She laughs. "I'll take this blue one I guess" I say , not very confident. "Okay," Kaitlyn says picking up a lime green Nail polish.


~Stephiess POV~

We finally finish our Nails and Kaitlyn suggests that we should leave soon.. And , Eventually we do... I sigh. "What?" Kaitlyn asks... "Oh , Nothing" I say , fiddling with my hair "I kinda , umm ... Am KINDA excited to go.." I say nervously. "I KNEW IT" Kaitlyn shouted! "I KNEW IT, I KNEW IT, I KNEW IT!" She says , with a huge grin on her face.. "I'm so prooud of you!" She screams, Engulfing me in a HUGE hug... I laug, and squirm out of her tight grip. "We should get going now then" I say, looking in the mirror. "Alrighty then!" Kaitlyn says. We get downstairs and Kaitlyn's mom asks us if we're ready, "Yep!" We both say in unison. "Well , Before you go outside , You have to put on blindfolds...." Me and Kaitlyn exchange looks and laugh "Alright" She says. Her mom tied blind folds on our faces and escorted us out the door (:

~Kaitlyn's POV.~

"NO WAY!" Me and Stephanie scream . "A LIMO!" We say jumping up and down. 


To be continued ;D
This is only part 1 fyi ... there will be 2 parts :D

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