2. Concert Day!(:

Stephanie's POV.

I start walking over to Kaitlyn's place, and start thinking about the concert and how NOT excited I am.
'Well ... The blonde one isn't bad looking ... He's actually kinda cute." I mumble making sure no one hears "Wait, WHAT!, What did I just say!" I say louder this time. All of a sudden Kaitlynn comes beside me. "Heeeey , Stephhiee!" She says grinning "Say what?" She asks. "Oh,... Uhh, Nothing... Don't worry about it." I murmur "Whats gotten into you lately?, You seem unusually happy...?" I ask. "Oh you know ... just the fact that its 2 MORE WEEKS UNTIL THE CONCERT!" She screams in my ear ... "Ohh.. I see." I reply.

Kaitlyn's POV.

We turn into my driveway and walk up to the front door, I open it and we go in.. "Mom!, Stephanie's coming over!" I yell to my mom loud enough I can almost gurantee the whole neighbourhood can hear. Stephh and I run upstairs into my room and slam the door shut. "So.. How goes it?" Steph asks, "Gooddddd." I answer "So.. Here's the shirts I have made for us!" I open my top drawer and pull out a whole bunch of shirts before I actually find the one I'm looking for. I finally find them and pull them out. I hold one up and show it to Steph. " Soo... What do ya think?" I ask with a big smile on my face. "Uhh, Kaitlyn. I'm not wearing that..." I mumble. She frowns... "Fine... Whatever"

-2 Hours Later-
Stephh pulls out her phone and reads a text "Sorry but I gotta go eat" She says. "Ohh, Okk." I say "I'll see ya later" I say grinning. "Alrighty." She says walking out of my room.

- TWO WEEKS LATER- (I know big gap, but you can handle it)

Stephanie's POV.

I wake up to the sound of my alarm clock ... *BEEP, BEEP, BEEP , BEEP* I roll out of bed and shut it off. I feel my phone vibrate. I pick it up and read the text ... Its from Kaitlyn.. "WAKEY WAKEY! RISE AND SHINE! TODAY'S THE CONCERT." I read. Oh right .... Its the concert. Shit ... I totally forgot. "I know , I know. Im up." I text back. I set my phone down on my bed and walk to the washroom. I throw my hair up in a messy bun so I can wash my face. After I wash my face I run to my room and check my phone "Good." She texted back. I smile. I run downstairs to the laundry. "Morning , Mum." I say running past. "Morning" is all she says. I pull open the Dryer and look for my jean shorts. Found them. I run back upstairs and strip out of my PJ'S . I put my shorts on and start looking for a shirt. I finally decide on a decent shirt to wear. A red tank top and my white jean shorts. "Good enough." I say to myself. I head to the washroom to do my make-up, Mascara, Eye Liner , Blush... The whole Nine Yards. It's about 3 the time I'm finally ready, I run into my room and text Kaitlyn. I find out she texted me 5 times well I was getting ready. "Crazy bestfriend I have" I laugh. I text her saying "'m ready now." I throw my phone on my bed and walk over to the mirror. I start looking myself up and down ... "Do I look good enough" I mumble. "Ehh whatever." I shut my light off and run downstairs. "Mum , I'm going to Kaitlyn's now, Okay?" I say. "Okay." My mum says. "I'll text you when were on our way home." I yell, running out the door.

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