1. School's Out!;D

Kaitlynn's POV.

Me and Stephanie were waiting ... Waiting for the school bell to ring, to set us free of this horrible horrible place we call.. School. -.-
As soon as the bell rings, the halls start to fill up with students, I run outside as fast as I can with Stephanie behind me... "Oh My God!" I say , jumping up and down "Schools finally done!" I say with a huge grin on my face "And that means 2 MORE WEEKS UNTIL THE ONE DIRECTION CONCERT!" I scream and jump around like a little girl again. "Kaitlynn, Calm. The. Fuck. Down. I don't even know why your making me go to this stupid thing anyways!" Stephanie says. "Stupid?" I say pouting. "One Direction is NOT stupid""...Yes, Yes they are...., They have ONE song! Only one!, And its annoying as fuck.! ... Thats what Makes you beautiful" She says mocking One Direction. 
Being short tempered she knows I'll get pissed off at this and thats exactly what I do ... "ONE DIRECTION IS SUPER TALENTED AND IF YOU CANT SEE THAT THEN -...Never-mind" I say. "Thats what I thought" Stephanie said, Smiling. I roll my eyes. "Anyways!, We gotta make signs and shirts and everything else!" I scream. "Whatever tickles your peach." Stephanie says. 2 Seconds later I burst out laughing... "Thats what she said!" I say between laughs. "Oh god.".

Stephanies POV.

We start walking home and Kaitlynn wouldn't and will not stop talking about One Direction. "Can you stop, Please?" I say. "Fine." She says. We stop infront of my house and Kaitlynn looks around. "Why did we stop?" She asks "... Because were at my house?" I say. "Oh righttttt! I knew that... Lost in my thoughts of One Direction." She says smiling. "K, well.. Byee" I say hugging her. "Later Skater" she says. 

I open the door and throw my bag on the floor and kick my shoes off... I run upstairs to my room and check my phone... Text message from.. Nicole. It says "R U still going to that One Direction concert with Kaitlynn? I not I'll go :D " I throw myself on the bed and sigh.. I text back with "Yeah, I guess I am... I mean I don't wanna hurt her feeling ya know?" I press send and wait for a reply... I get up and turn on the radio ... "уσυяє ιηѕєcυяє!, ∂σηт кησω ωнαт ƒσя."I scream. "This song! Really!" I flip through every radio station and that song seems to be the only song there playing at the moment. I turn off the radio and call Kaitlynn.

Kaitlynn's POV.

"Hello?" I say , Out of breath from rocking out to my 5 beautiful husbands! "Yeah .. Hi.." I hear on the other line " What's up, Steph?" "Oh you know ... I was gonna listen to the radio but One die-fucking-rection was the only thing on!" She says... "Hey hey, Cone on they cant be that bad!" I say.. I hear Steph laughing on the other end of the phone, "Alright Alright.. There not THAT bad I guess .... THEIR TERRIBLE!" She bursts out laughing. "Okay, You say what you wanna say, but when you go to the concert, You'll instantly fall in love with them... I gurantee" I say. "Yeah, Right. I doubt that... Okay well I gotta go." Stephanie says. "Wait... Do you wanna come over?" I ask ... "Umm, Sure.." Stephanie says. "Okay , great! I'll be here!" I reply.

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