Zayn changed me alot!

It's about a girl named Rebecca,Rebacca Renoz,she was bad,hot D-,F-,and C- in school.She liked 1D,but not a huge fan,the only one guy she liked from 1D was Zayn:-)Her dad died and lives with her mom.When she moves with her mom in London,she meet Zayn!Will she change into a good girl,who got A+ and not be bad?Or will she stay the same?Find out in Zayn changed me!Enjoy:-)


9. Oh,why?

Rebecca's P.O.V.

I told myself that I couldn't start liking 1D!!!!!When I heard "Gotta be you"made by 1D I screamed and ran over to the radio and turned it up.Wait what are you doing!Eh:-(I saw that Zayn was half way asleep.I told Zayn to go to bed "Goodnight Babe"Zayn said whiling kissing me on my lips."Goodnight Zayn"I said whiling hugging him.Amanda was crying like crazy."Hush little baby,go to sleep,mommy and daddy are going to buy toys for you."I sang to her while changing her,cuddling her,feeding her,and rocking side to side.Amanda feel asleep in my arms.I gently and carefully putted her down in her crib.I kissed her and then turned on the monter (to hear thur this thingy thur the thingy downstairs.)I went into my bedroom cause it was 10:00 pm and I was tired!Goodnight people:-)

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