Zayn changed me alot!

It's about a girl named Rebecca,Rebacca Renoz,she was bad,hot D-,F-,and C- in school.She liked 1D,but not a huge fan,the only one guy she liked from 1D was Zayn:-)Her dad died and lives with her mom.When she moves with her mom in London,she meet Zayn!Will she change into a good girl,who got A+ and not be bad?Or will she stay the same?Find out in Zayn changed me!Enjoy:-)


2. I'm here!

Rebecca's P.O.V.

We arrived at London:-(Yay!I saw my mom waiting there,once I got off the airplane,she came up to me and was hugging me "Hi honey!I missed you so much,oh and I was Simon Cowells gf!"She told me."Wait Simon who descoverd 1D!Yay!"I said sarcallacity."The boys are all suck,except for Zayn!"She told me.

*15 minutes later*

We got to the house,and once we walked in a cute guy said "Hi,I'm Zayn you must be Rebecca!"He said in a British accent,and flirty tone,while he kissed m hand.I blushed "Hey and I know that!Nice to meet you!"I said.

Zayns P.O.V.

Once Rebecca walked in the house,I liked her,I wanted her to be mine!I hope she's a good girl!
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