Another World.

Ashlynn,Cherokee and Lauren move to a beach on the Australian coast. All bestfriends since they could talk these girl live in one house. On night they go out to club,and they meet these familiar boys they saw the moments before. They,wake up in a room with shining lights and stuff. You'll find out what happens after that.
My message: If,your not sexual this isn't the fanfiction for you. I cuss alot,also. I would not prefer rude comments. And I would be open to any sort of advice. So, this isn't my first but I hope you enjoy it! Cheers, Laur xx (:


2. Woah.

Cher's POV~

"Well,hey there!" I said as a really cute guy with baby greens and some curly locks put his arm around my waist. "Hey babe!" he replied. Holy shit did he just call me "babe" oh my god, this was a fucking dream. I honestly wanted him to bang me up against a table. 

Harry's POV~

Holy shit, that girl was damn fine. I licked my lips as I admired her royal ass cheeks. "You like what you see?" she said and winked. I walked up to her and said,"You what I like in a girl? Well first amazing hair,baby blues,and finally a big nice ass." I slapped her ass and she said,"OW,FUCK!" She glared at me and laughed and rubbed her ass cheeks. 

Niall's POV~

WOAH. Their was a girl walking alone. She could be my future princess. She was sexy. More like a sexy beast. I walked over to her and she said,"Hey!" I replied,"Hello, what's your name?" She said,"Laur." I was like," Awesome name! Now, do you want an extra Irish piggy back ride?"  She mumbled," Uh,no thanks I'm too fat." "FUCKING LIE!" I shouted, "Now hop on the Irish Express!" "If you insist!" she said as she hitched up on my back. I was spinning her around in circles. I could feel her perfectly rounded boobs on my back. I started to get hard when I heard her scream.


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