Another World.

Ashlynn,Cherokee and Lauren move to a beach on the Australian coast. All bestfriends since they could talk these girl live in one house. On night they go out to club,and they meet these familiar boys they saw the moments before. They,wake up in a room with shining lights and stuff. You'll find out what happens after that.
My message: If,your not sexual this isn't the fanfiction for you. I cuss alot,also. I would not prefer rude comments. And I would be open to any sort of advice. So, this isn't my first but I hope you enjoy it! Cheers, Laur xx (:


3. Keep walking.

Laur's POV~

I could tell that Cher liked that boy. Oh my god,he comes another one. Keep walking Lauren,keep walking I thought to myself as a boy with brown/blonde hair and icy blue eyes approached me. "Hello, what's your name?" he asked in a heavy Irish accent. "Um my name is Lauren but people call me Laur." "That's a cute name. So do you want and extra Irish piggy back ride?" I felt my stomach sink in as if I were to fat. "Um.. no thanks I'm too fat." "Nonsense,babe hop on the Irish express." "If you insist." So I hopped on and he started spining me around on his back I was having some fun until, I felt and saw Ashlynn rip the shirt off.

Author's Note: You guys are to adorable. Sorry, for the short chapter I just read Zux fanfiction and I puked and cried at the same time for about twenty minutes, so I don't feel that great. Thanks,babes. (my nickname for you guys)! (:

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