Another World.

Ashlynn,Cherokee and Lauren move to a beach on the Australian coast. All bestfriends since they could talk these girl live in one house. On night they go out to club,and they meet these familiar boys they saw the moments before. They,wake up in a room with shining lights and stuff. You'll find out what happens after that.
My message: If,your not sexual this isn't the fanfiction for you. I cuss alot,also. I would not prefer rude comments. And I would be open to any sort of advice. So, this isn't my first but I hope you enjoy it! Cheers, Laur xx (:


1. Oh,yeah. Australia Bitches.

Laur's POV~

Me,Cher, and Ash were enjoying the times we were having on the plane at this very moment. Ash is 1/2 of my bestfriends her name is actually Ashlynn. Cher is 1/2 of my bestfriends her name is really Cherokee but sometimes, I call her Cherokee to get her attention or to tease her. My name is Lauren, I'm called called Laur though. We were heading to Australia to start a new life. We had all been bestfriends since we were in kindergarten. I remember the first time I ever met them. I was on getting on the bus when our prick bus driver got Cher in trouble for yelling at Grace. The bus driver moved her to mine and Ash's seat. So, she got to sit with me and Ash on the bus. I remember I said,"Hi Cherokee!" and she stole my giraffe jacket and took it to Mrs. Tabatha and she told  Cher to give it back. I remember hearing Ash say,"We should all be bestfriends forever!" while me and Cher agreed. We were three country girls we were from Greeneville,Tennessee. We all went to the same school and everything. One of the worst years for us was last year. Senior year. That dumb fuck Grace, told everyone that we were giving out free sex. When we arrived we moved into our huge house all of our parents payed for. We had decided we going out to a club. We all were matchy. As, we headed out the door we thought about things,things about our childhood. We were walking so why not talk? We were into a deep conversation about Grace when we all felt a pair of arms wrap around each one of us.

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