A Demonic Shadow

Rhilia Noth. A not so young girl who was raised to believe she was human. When her life is flipped upside down by a mysterious stranger, Rhilia descends into Hell. Literally. Told she is a princess of a universe she never even knew existed, Rhilia finds it hard to believe anything this stranger is telling her. Until he reveals he is her real father. Forced to adapt to this new world and the creatures in it, Rhilia struggles to keep her mind together. When an unknown entity, dubbed 'The Shadow', decides to ravage her kingdom, Rhilia must team up with her brother and her father to fight off and ultimately destroy it. But will she be able to master her powers in time? Or will The Shadow consume her world and the people she has come to love?

(Rhilia's name is pronounced Ri-lee-ah)


4. The Letter

'Dearest Rhilia,
                                Well done. You opened the letter. Test one is complete. I can only imagine how scared you must be by all of this. But know this, no harm shall come to you. Not by my hand. Not by anyone's. It is time you knew the truth about your heritage and after 100 years you should be ready to learn.
As you may have guessed by your research, I am not of this Earth. Nor am I of this universe. Neither are you, my dear. Do you know why you called me Danger when you first saw me? It is because you already knew my name. The last time we met was 44 years ago, to be precise. Sadly you weren't ready to learn at that point. So I allowed you take a photo of me. Yes, the photo on the Internet was taken by you. You have no recollection of it because you wiped your own memory around 16 years ago. When you came to Carrie and David. Yes, that's right I know who they are. They know the truth about you as well. They just haven't told you.
How you changed your form, I am not entirely sure. But you forced your body to take on a mortal body clock. That is why you age at a mortal rate. Had you stayed the way you were you would look around 19 years old. This must seem complicated, but you are not human. You never were, nor will you ever be. Rhilia, you are a demon. Not the ones that humans fear, they are mere pups compared to us. You see, humans are like us in many ways. Our body structure is exactly the same. Except we age far slower than they do. You are 100 years old and look like a human teenager. Also, we have two forms. A 'normal' form in which we appear to be human and a 'demonic' form in which we become our true selves. Though our normal form is what we all use the majority of the time. You never had chance to learn how to unlock your demonic form.
Why do I know so much about you? Well that is possibly the simplest thing to explain but the hardest thing to sink in. I am King of the 7 Burning Hells and you are my daughter. You have an older brother, named Michael. Your mother chose your names, though she is no longer with us. Her name was Evelyn. As you already know my name is Danger. No I am not Satan/The Devil/whatever you wish to name him. As a matter of fact, Lucifer is my brother and he cannot wait to meet you. This will seem like a lot to take in but you will believe it in time. You may even come to love your broken little family.
As to why you are living on Earth...That is a story for another time. Perhaps when I bring you home your brother can tell you. It is best to be told a story like yours face to face. Though I do not have that luxury at the moment. I can no longer return to Earth without being summoned. I can only place things there to help you. The only way for you to return to the Burning Hells is to summon me to Earth and then I can bring you home with me. I want you to know that no matter what your decision may be we, your family, respect your decision completely. If you wish to stay on Earth and carry out a mortal life with Carrie and David then discard this letter. Take down those pictures, delete your search history and never think of me again.
But if you wish to come home then all you need to do is find my mask again. Find my mask and speak these words clearly: Afferte Mihi patrem meum. Rex offerte Mihi inferni. I know you can read Latin. I guess you could say it's ingrained in your DNA. All demons can read Latin fluently so you know what you will be saying.

I know you will make the decision that is right for you. My mask can only be found at night so wait as long as you must and take your time to decide. If anything, it will appear in your garden again.
                                  I hope to see you again soon, my dear.
                                  Your Father, Danger Noth.

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