A Demonic Shadow

Rhilia Noth. A not so young girl who was raised to believe she was human. When her life is flipped upside down by a mysterious stranger, Rhilia descends into Hell. Literally. Told she is a princess of a universe she never even knew existed, Rhilia finds it hard to believe anything this stranger is telling her. Until he reveals he is her real father. Forced to adapt to this new world and the creatures in it, Rhilia struggles to keep her mind together. When an unknown entity, dubbed 'The Shadow', decides to ravage her kingdom, Rhilia must team up with her brother and her father to fight off and ultimately destroy it. But will she be able to master her powers in time? Or will The Shadow consume her world and the people she has come to love?

(Rhilia's name is pronounced Ri-lee-ah)


2. Missing Keys

Rhilia woke up later on at 8:45am with Hex curled up on her forehead. It had never really occurred to her how small the kitten actually was. She sat up slowly and caught a rather bewildered Hex in her hands. He stretched and fell asleep again so Rhilia decided to leave him to sleep on her pillow. Her morning routine was pretty normal: get up, get a shower, dry her hair, wash her face, brush her teeth and get dressed. It was Saturday so she didn't have to be awake until 9:00am but it was nice to be ready anyway. Rhilia's mother always wanted her to be awake at 9:00am and dressed by 10 past or her day would be 'wasted'. She never did understand her mother.

"Rhilia!" Her mother called from downstairs, "Did you go out last night?" Rhilia made her way down to her mother and smiled. A cup of tea and 3 slices of toast where waiting for her at the table, along with a magazine for her to read.
"Yeah, I went out. Why? Did I wake you up?" Rhilia said, sitting down and sipping her tea. Piping hot, as usual. There was no such thing as warm in Rhilia's house. It was either 'burn you alive' or 'freeze you to death'. She put the cup down and picked up a slice of toast, she wasn't that hungry but she figured she may as well eat it. After all, her mother had gone through the trouble of making it for her.
"No. I can't find the back door keys, where did you put them?" Rhilia's mum asked.
"I put them on the counter, next to the fruit bowl where they always are." Rhilia replied.
"Well they aren't there now. The back door was unlocked when I came downstairs as well."
Rhilia dropped the piece of toast and her eyes widened in horror. She knew she had locked the back door when she came in. She knew that she had left the keys in their rightful place. So how on Earth had the back door been unlocked and the keys potentially stolen? Unless...

'No.' Rhilia thought. 'No. There is no way that the mask could have anything to do with this, it isn't logical. It isn't possible. Is it?' Rhilia found herself questioning the laws of the universe (or at least the ones that she knew) and eventually decided that she must have left the keys in the back garden and she'd dreamt of coming back in and locking the door.
"Rhilia! Are you even listening to me?" Rhilia's mum shouted.
"Jesus, Carrie! Yes, I'm listening." Rhilia replied and regretted what she'd said immediately.
"What have I told you about using my name. You call me mum or mother, do you understand?" Carrie said angrily.
"Yes, mum. I'm sorry." Rhilia whispered and bit into a slice of toast so she didn't have to carry on speaking. Carrie wasn't Rhilia's real mum. Nor was David her real dad. Carrie and David had always made sure that Rhilia knew she was adopted. Seen as Rhilia didn't know her real parents, she had always called Carrie and David, mum and dad. Though she did occasionally slip up and call them by their real names. Rhilia knew they didn't like it when she did that but sometimes she completely forgot. Being only 16, Rhilia wasn't legally allowed to search for her birth parents yet but she doubted Carrie wanted her to.
"Rhilia, just go upstairs while I look for the door keys." Carrie said and Rhilia didn't need telling twice. Carrie always went in a bit of a mood when Rhilia accidentally called her anything but mum or mother. She stood up and walked out of the kitchen and up to her room, not forgetting to take her tea with her. She hated it when Carrie had moments like this. She put her cup on the bedside table and went back into the bathroom. Her dad must have already left for work. He always worked Saturday mornings. Apparently he hated lie-ins.

Rhilia closed the bathroom door and stood in front of the sink. There was a medicine cabinet hanging above it but it was used to hold toothbrushes, toothpaste and the like. She looked at herself in the mirror on the front of the cabinet and sighed. Rhilia wasn't a vain person but she did enjoy looking in the mirror. She used to imagine that it led to an alternate universe, where the other Rhilia was looking back at her. Now she knew it was just her reflection. 'I need a haircut.' Rhilia thought as she ran a hand through her curly black hair. Carrie had often told her that it was rare for people to be born with and keep natural black hair. Rhilia was convinced she was lying because she'd seen lots of people with black hair, but it was nice to know that this was the hair colour she'd been born with.
The one thing Rhilia loved more than her hair was her eyes. She had heterochromia, which meant she had one green eye and one blue eye. When she'd started school, lots of people had bullied her because of it but Rhilia stood strong. Her eyes made her different and she liked to be different. It was like she'd been made from a completely different mould to the rest of humanity. Obviously she knew that other people had heterochromia too, but everybody had a different alteration. Rhilia's blue eye was rather intense and she'd never seen that kind of blue anywhere else. Whereas her green eye was more like a watercolour green. It was bright but it seemed like a watered down green to Rhilia. Her friends had told her a few times that they didn't like to look at her eyes much because they felt intimidated by them.
Another thing Rhilia had noticed about herself that was different, was that her skin was unusually pale. She looked like a ghost in winter and in summer she seemed to glow a little. Taking into account her appearance, Rhilia decided she was a very strange looking person. Not ugly, but strange. She was slim too so her mum had nicknamed her skinny-missy. God knows why. Rhilia thought it was ridiculous but Carrie seemed to get a kick out of it. Rhilia stuck her tongue out at her reflection and laughed. She was a strange human being. 'Well, standing here all day isn't going to accomplish anything. I'd better drink my tea before Hex sticks his head in it.' Rhilia opened the door and headed into her room. Hex had made his bed on her pillow and was purring quite happily so Rhilia left him alone. She picked up her cup of tea, which was now drinkable, and gulped it down.

Saturday mornings where boring for Rhilia. She never really did anything on a weekend as she enjoyed staying inside. She didn't want to socialise with people when she didn't have to. So Rhilia stuck to reading books and watching DVD's. Her mum and dad pushed her to study on weekends so she did. As far as Rhilia saw it, Carrie and David had given her a home so the least she could do for them would be to get good grades. But today, Rhilia didn't feel like doing anything. She was still freaked out from what had happened earlier in the morning. So Rhilia did what Rhilia did best. She decided to investigate.

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