One Love One Direction

This story is about a young girl who meets 1D at a signing and Harry likes her alot and He gives her his number!! Read to find out more


2. Last day of school

*Wakes Up* grabs Ripped Jeans and Pink Shirt. (Straitens hair) *Puts Make up on* (Walks outside to the bus and gets on) *Walks to back of bus* "Who is letting the bitches sit in the back of the bus" Brittany said. "The bitch is oing to sit wherever she wants" I said. Brittany rolls eyes. Gets of bus and goes to school. Goes to locker. "Hey Jessica" i said. "Hey GIRL" Jessica Said. (Grabs Books) "I might go to one direction concert"Jessica Said. "OMG REALLY I WILL LUV U FOREVER IF U TAKE ME" I yelled. "Fine Lets get to class" Jess said. (Lunch Time) gets food. walks to table. Brittany comes and pushes me over. (Falls) "Watch where youre going bitch" Brit said. Runs to bathroom. *cries* (Home) (Runs upstairs to room) *Cries* "I hate my life" I said

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