forgotten or found

About a 1D assistant who they never pay attention to. How many boys will fall or will none at all?


3. What happened and the perfect present #1

Simon's POV


Where is that girl I need her to work not sleep. If she doesn't come get her assignments soon I am going and getting her.

*half hour later

After a while I went into her room and almost fainted. Lou was in her kitchen. I told her to stay away from them. I didn't need them or her getting hurt. I didn't want to be faced with the choice of choosing between them and my niece.

"Lou out now" (Si)

"Okay" (Lo)

I go to her room and see her sleeping. She looked so peaceful like she did when she was a young girl. Her parents died when she was 5. So She is pretty much mine and since her birthday is on Saturday and today was sunday so I had a special suprise.

"Alyssa get up now." (si)

I was trying not to laugh

"Yes Simon! please dont be mad it wasnt lou's fault.and nothing happened." (Al)

"I'm not mad." (Si)

"Really?" (Al)

"Look your birthday is at the end of the week so here is a huge bounes and you get the week off and i would like you to sign this" (Si)

"Thanks but what is this?" (AL)

"Well i couldnt figure out what you wanted so I guessed you may have wanted a family. They are adoptipn papers and I would love to become your father." (SI)

"Thank you so much. SO I can hang with the boys and go to concerts and stuff." (Al)

"Yes you can" (Si)

"Thank you" (AL)

She ran out of the room screaming LOU LOU. I was so happy that is the first real smile since she was 14. ANd I gave it to her. WHich makes it even better

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