forgotten or found

About a 1D assistant who they never pay attention to. How many boys will fall or will none at all?


2. New friends or maybe more

Alyssa's POV

I finally get some thanks. I took a nap with a smile that didn't fade. I woke up to a knock on my door. It was Lou and it looked like he was crying.

"Lou whats the matter"

i let him in and led him to the couch


I patted his back and tried to get him to calm down

"Take ur time talk when ur ready"

"She... she.. cheated on me and she thinks i will take her back. I love her but i don't think i can take her back. I'm just so confused with what to do. Any advice?"

"Well to tell you the truth i never really liked El. Not sure why but i just never did." (I have nothing against any of the boys relationships just doing whatever to make it dramatic)

"so what should i do?"

"Move on and forget her she isn't worth your precious thoughts or tears."

"Thanks can i crash here tonight i don't feel like talking to the boys right now?"

"Sure since you just got out of a relationship you can sleep on the couch."

"fine with me"

"I will be right back"


Lou's POV


It was amazyan how well she listened. It was amazing. It felt like she really cared about how i felt. I was amazed how she spoke her mind and accepted me into her home. And everything. she came back out with a blanket and pillow.


"You know what you go take the bed and i will take the couch" (Alyssa)

"No way Al I will take the couch"

"I won't hear of it and thatnks for the nickname"

"Ur welcome.How about we share the bed."

"Okay lets go"

She leads me to her room and we crawl in. Her last words to me were

"No funny business Tommo"


Al's POV


I think i may like Tommo but i wasn't sure. He had just gotten out of a relationship so i thought i would give him some time. I mean what if he didn't like me. It was all to confusing for now. Better leave it for morning. Uncle Simon is going to have my head for haveing one of them in my room and even worse for sharing a bed with one of them.

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