forgotten or found

About a 1D assistant who they never pay attention to. How many boys will fall or will none at all?


1. Another day; Same world Or Is It?????

Alyssa POV

hi my name is Alyssa. Most girls think i have the best job in the world. I work for Simon Cowell. I make copies get coffee and even have the wonderful pleasure of associating with the all wonderful One direction. My life sucks! they never say thank you and they give all the credit to my uncle (Simon Cowell). That is just so unfair. Anyway I am 19 going on 20. I and about 5'2 with medium brown hair and blue/Green/hazel eyes. All my friends say that i have a wonderful smile. They must be crazy. My parents were killed in a drunk car accident and i was sent to live with my uncle.

Now time for my story


Every day it is the same thing. Alyssa go get the boys up. Alyssa did you copy their lyrics. Etc,ETC,ETC.


"what uncle?"

"Do you have the boys schedules for today?"

"of course i do!"

"good now go get them ready for the interview"


I left my uncles room and went to theirs i had two stops to make. Louis and harry were in one and the other three where in the other one next door.

"Guys time to wake up"

No answer

I entered the room to find something i want to forget.When i opened the door their was nothing till i got to Harry's room. I open the door and he is naked in bed with another girl and they are going at it.

"harry what the fuck are you doing?"


"Simon said NO GIRLS now you have 6 minutes to get rid of her or i make it public and i get rid of her"

"Fine Geez "

"Thank you now get ready"

As i leave i hear


"I heard that now start moving"

I walked across the hall to Louis room

I knocked on the door


"What you have 15 mins to get ready so start moving"

"kk be ready in a sec"

"good meet in Simons' room"

Next i had to go next door and get the other three up. this is going to be fun. When ever i had to wake them up the exact same thing happens. I enter Niall's room I scream wake-up and he throws a pillow at me. then I say there is food in uncle Simon's room get dressed and it is yours. Next thing you know he is up. Next is zayn. Now the only way to get zayn up is to tell him to wake up because there is an emergency. When he asked what you say your hair he gets up and runs to the his nearest mirror. Then i say well now that ur up meet in Simons' room in 10 mins. Next is Liam. Well all i have to do is stick my head in and say time to get up. Simons' room 10 mins go.

After i did all that i go back to my uncles room.

"they are coming"

"today i want u to stay here"

"Really i get a day off?"

"A day off hahahaha no i need u to clean the boys rooms"

"really wow fine whatever"

"good girl"

"yeah whatevs"

When the boys leave i get started.

*5 hours past*

I have no words. Let's just say i never want to do that again.


Harry POV


"Uncle simon where is that girl that woke us up and does all that stuff"

"Oh her she is just working"


I knew who she was but i don't know who she is. It is weird she is always around. No body seems to know who we are. i really want to find out.


Through out the whole interview and meet and greet i couldn't take my mind off her. I while have to talk to her when i get back.


Louis POV


When we going to all of our outings i decided that i was going to talk to Alyssa. I didn't like her like that i mean i have El.But i really wanted to be there for her. It seemed like she didn't have anything/anyone.

Alyssa POV

When the guys came back i was standing by the door inside with coffees and nandos. I couldn't wait to take a nap. All the guys took their food and went upstairs except one.

"Hey Alyssa"

"hey Louis"

"how was your day?"

"Not very fun i had the honor of cleaning your guys rooms"

"Doesn't the hotel have a cleaning service?"

"yep uncle Simon decided i should door since I'm not a crazed fan. Also EL called she wants to get together for lunch sometime."



"Thank you for everything you do"

"That means a lot"

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