Stolee My Heart

A Gurll Named Toni Runs Away From Home and Finds Niall and Harry and is torn Because she can't choose between themm .


1. Running

I was walking home from school one afternoon . I didn't really want to go home . My dad Died and My Mum was an alcoholic . It was tough . My mom didn't have a job we just barley got by with my extra money from My Job. My Mum was always mad and took all her anger out on me. I was always so sad. I had One Friend . Her Name was Angel . 

       She was All I had Left . Well I had been talking to her about running away. I just didn't want to put up with all this. She Thought I should . The sad part was that she couldn't come with me . She had a family . I started to think ," Why don't I just run away now ?" I am . 

       I ran home and climbed through my bedroom window grabbed my money i made and headed off for the Train station . I was Heading to Manchester . I knew some people that lived there . I was good friends with them . They Were In a band. One of the most well known bands in the world.

       One Direction.

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