Stolee My Heart

A Gurll Named Toni Runs Away From Home and Finds Niall and Harry and is torn Because she can't choose between themm .


2. On the Train

     I boarded The train. I had a suitcase and My phone and like $20 dollars left. I took out my phone and sat in a booth where there was no one was around and started to text Niall . I told Him what had happend. He said I could Stay With Him and Harry . I thanked Him and Said goodbye till I get there . I was Tired. I tried to fall asleep but I couldn't. 

     After I finally fell asleep about an hour or two later I woke up. It was time to get Off . As I was Walking I felt as if someone was watching me . I tried to shake it off . For some reason I couldn't . I turned and saw someone behind me . I thought it was just another passenger that had boarded .

     Once I got off the train i plugged my earphones in and was listening to music. I texted Niall to gett me . He replied, Okayy Be There In a Sec. ;) " I sat down on a bench at the Train Station . I still felt like someone was watching me . It had been about 30 minutes and a guy came up behind me and tapped me on the shoulder. I thought it was Niall . I was surprised by when i turned around it was the guy i seen on the train. 

     I got scared and asked him why he tapped me. He told me to get in his car. Just then I got scared because there was no one around . i told him ," NO!" He grabbed my arm and was trying to pull me to his car. I was very skinny so it was very hard to fight him off. I kicked him and he screamed in pain and slapped me . He grabbed my neck and I screamed,"Gett Off Me.!!" He was choking me . 

     Niall came up behind him and threw him to the ground. He Kicked the Guy . I ran to Niall. " Niall Thank God your here.!! You saved me !!" He told me to hurry up and get in the car. 

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