Stolee My Heart

A Gurll Named Toni Runs Away From Home and Finds Niall and Harry and is torn Because she can't choose between themm .


5. Morning Time

Last night after i followed niall to the room and talked to him I guess we passed out, because I woke up in bed next to him.I Looked up and saw Harry in the doorway . He looked as if he was about to cry . I got out of bed and walked over to him. He just walked away . I felt really bad. I didn't know what I did though .. I ran down to the living room almost falling down the stairs. I got there and Harry was sitting on the couch .I walked over to the couch and sat down . " Harry what's wrong ?" I said . "Nothing " He grumbled . " harry I know theres something wrong . Just tell me . " "Well this morning i went up to your room to wake you up. Well when I got there you werent there . Then I remembered last night you followed Niall to his room to go talk to him . As I walked up there and opened the door I saw You in Nialls Arms . i just cant help it toni . I love you . aand nothing will ever change that ." "Harry nothing happend last night, ( or at least I hope nothing happend  .. I said under my breath to where harry couldnt hear me ) . I accidently fell asleep . I love you too harry .But I can't Hurt Niall . i can't hurt you either . let me make it up to you and lets go out for some pizza today ? " Finee (: . As we were walking down the road I got a text from Niall . From:Niall   Heyy Babe . ;) To: Niall   Heyy . I was wondering what happend last night ? I waited a couple Min. *Beeep* New Text Message . From : Niall Umm somee good stuff . ;) If ya know what I mean . Haha .To: Niall . Ohh Okayy Haha .. Oh No How was i going to break it to Harry ? I dont know . I'll figure it out later .

                                                           Nialls Point Of View 

I woke up this morning and saw that Toni wasnt there. I walked downstairs Nobody was there . I walked in the kitchen and made some pancakes . after i was done eating I decided to text Toni . To: Toni Heyy Babe ;)  Seconds later she texted back . From : Toni Heyy . I was wondering what happend last night ? I texted her back To: Toni Umm somee good stuff ;) If yaa know what I mean . Haha . I waited about a min . or so and i got another text . From: Toni Ohh Okayy Haha .. I decided to go watch some telly . Nothing was on today . Just Golf And Boring sports . I walked around the living  room pacing back and forth thinking of what i should do. it was the middle of summer . I thought to call the boys . First I called Liam . * Numbers Dialling * * Ring Ring Ring * ( Liam Finally picked Up ) Heyy Liam Its Niall . Heyy Niall . How are ya . Im good . Heyy i was calling becuz i wanted to know if you wanted to go to the beach today ? Okay shuree niall . Heyy Liamm .? What niall? Could you call the rest of the boys and ask them if they want to go? okayy niall . Ill kall u back in a bit and tell you what they said . Thanks Liam . * hangs up the phone *

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