Stolee My Heart

A Gurll Named Toni Runs Away From Home and Finds Niall and Harry and is torn Because she can't choose between themm .


3. In the car

"Niall Thank you so Much !! You just saved me.! " Toni What happend out there .? Why was he choking you?!?! He was following me and i told hi to leave me alone and he started to beat me up. I said . Well I'm glad i got there just in time . I Don't want you getting into anymore trouble okayy.? Okayy Niall ;) 

   We Got to Nialls House and Harry was there I gave him a hug. He said I looked Very pretty tonight, I told him Thanks . I saw The way Niall Looked at him . As if tho he liked me . Well It's getting dark I said. Oh yeah Sorry . Let Me show you to your room . Thanks I said. Well I forgot We have No Other rooms . Harry took the Guest room . Oh I said . 

   Well I'll sleep on the couch. I said  . Noo ! You can sleep in my room . ill take the couch in my room . He said . Oh No thats quite alright I'm used to sleeping on the couch. i said . Toni , You are not sleeping on the couch. he said . Finee Niall . Well I'll Be right back I need to change. 

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