Stolee My Heart

A Gurll Named Toni Runs Away From Home and Finds Niall and Harry and is torn Because she can't choose between themm .


6. Beach Time c:

                                                                                      Liam's P.O.V


* dialing numbers * ' phone ringing ' The boys answer.   

 The Boys : Heey Liam what's up ? Liam: Nothing . Hey I was wondering if you guys wanted to go to the beach today . Niall asked me to ask you . I think he wants to take Toni but he doesn't want her to notice he's falling for her c; plus he brouht angel fo you Zayn c;      The Boys: Ooooohh get it zayn c:     Zayn: shutup you guys (Blushes) Aweee zayns got a crush on Angel  c;   Zayn: Maybee but I'm Still getting over perrie . but zaynn that was like a month agoo . get overr itt!!

                                                   *hours later*


BEAACCCHHHHH!!!!! Louis screams . Louis Calm Down haha your like a 4 year old with candy . Im Sorry . I just love the B-b-be-Beaaaccchh !! Go louis just go haha - Toni and Niall 

Heey Niall Can I Talk to you? - Zayn   Yeah shuree Zayn ..? Okay Niall Look I really like Angel and I know you like Toni . You have to ask her out . Please , I need to see how to do it . It's been 2 years since ive asked out a girl . I forgot how to..


                                                                        ( sorry guys i haven't updated latley . school is a hassle . Lovee youuu guyss * muaaahh * )


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