Letters To Nobody {On Hold}

Layla was searching through her attic one day and came across an old dusty box. When she opened the box it was full of letters. Tons and tons of them. Layla dosen't think much of it until later when she can't sleep because all she can think about is that box of letters. Layla sneeks back upstairs to read them and finds out that her mom wrote these letters as a teenager. Layla goes to the attic every day to read these letters and finds out what her mom struggled through as a child.


2. The Letters

I went to bed later after my plain dinner -peanutbutter and jam sandwhich- and I couldn`t sleep. As I lay in bed at 11:00pm, I couldn`t stop thinking about what I had found in the crate. I had only barely glanced at what was inside when I heard my mom come back inside from gardening. I had thrown the crate lid back on, lifting the heavy black tarp on top, grabbed my fabric and sprinted down the ladder while it eased up into it's natural postion just when my mom had came around the corner.

My mother was a deep sleeper so I could easily sneek back up to the attic and look at it again. 'That's excatly what I'm going to do' I thought. I eased myself out of my comfy warm poster bed and slipped out of my room. As I tiptoed down the hall, I heard my mother's snores drift down from her room. I relaxed realizing that I was safe. I went up to the attic ladder and reached through the dark to find the rope to pull it down. It squeaked on it's slow journey down to the ground. I cringed every time.

I got inside the attic and felt my way around until I tripped over the crate.. again. I really needed to stop doing that. In the distance I couldn't hear any snores. I froze and held my breath for what felt like forever before letting it out once I heard heavy breathing again. I ripped open the lid and saw excatly what was there just hours earlier.

Hundreds and hundreds of letters. They were stacked in huge piles, sorted, thrown around. Some were in beige colour, some in white, some even in black. But as I picked a letter up to stick up to the flashlight I carried, it had the words; A Letter To Nobody. It sent chills up my back reading it. I didn't know whose letters these were and I didn't really want to find out at midnight. I was tired and thinking to much so I put everything back where I found it, climbed down the ladder, tiptoed back past my mom's room into my own and snuggled into bed. I would look at them tommorw when it was daytime but as I thought about the letters one more time before drifting off to sleep I thought; what was the point of writing a letter if it was to go to nobody? I couldn't think much of it as darkness closed over my eyes and I drifted off to sleep.


*A/N Hope you liked this new chapter. I had serious writer's block and with all the school work I had it didn't help with it!! Please comment below and I hope to get a new chapter up soon!! Thanks. :) 


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