Letters To Nobody {On Hold}

Layla was searching through her attic one day and came across an old dusty box. When she opened the box it was full of letters. Tons and tons of them. Layla dosen't think much of it until later when she can't sleep because all she can think about is that box of letters. Layla sneeks back upstairs to read them and finds out that her mom wrote these letters as a teenager. Layla goes to the attic every day to read these letters and finds out what her mom struggled through as a child.


1. The Crate

I walked up the creaky old ladder to the attic. I was searching for extra fabric I could use in the near future. I'm going through that phase were I have to sew every day or I'll go insane. So far I have sewed a quilt and a large blanket. The minute I stepped into the attic I started to sneeze instantly; the attic hadn't been touched in years since now it was used for storage. So it was now covered in dust. I rummuged through the huge box in front of me and I shivered with what I found. I held up my mother's prom dress. It was frilly, orange and wide. I had never seen anything like it. My mother never talked about those days as a kid but it's not like I'll ask.

My mother and I are not on the best of terms right now. My father left us two months ago and coping for my mother has been hard. Whenever I would try to talk with her about, to comfort and talk her through, she would yell at me to go away. Which left us yelling at each other and not speaking for quite some time. Right now this was the longest I had ever gone not talking to my mom. I hated her for what she did and I never wanted to speak to her again. My mother had come to one of my school dances and been a supervisor. At first I didn't mind because nobody really knew who she was. My mother would stand around telling students the rules if they broke them. She did her job like she was supposed to. Until she saw me. I was dancing with Shawn Mitchell, my crush since grade 5, and my mom walked over saying 'You are to young to dance with boys... get away from him!' I don't know how many moms have done that to other people but that was so embrassing I ran from the gym to hide in the bathroom. Shawn never spoke to me again. The accident has blown over but I'm still really embrassed. And get this when my mom and I got home she yelled at ME like I was the one doing the wrong thing. So I yelled back, ran to my room, slammed the door and I haven't spoken to her since.

As I rummaged deep down into many other boxes of junk and crap of my mom's, I found many of her old school things and clothes. I didn't really care enough to look but I had to stare at my mother's clothes for a second to figure out why the hell did she ever buy these clothes. Second thought WHY DID SHE EVEN LOOK AT THEM!?!? There must have been like 100 boxes and bins in that attic which is like impossible because my house is super tiny! By the 5th or 6th box I had found some different coloured and textured fabrics and other crafts that I could use.

I had been in the attic for most of the day and the sun had come up making the million degree weather in the attic to more like 2 million degree weather. I wiped some sweat from my brow and put my long brown hair up in a loose ponytail. I looked excatly like my mom, I sometimes forget and think we are twins and so does everyone else on the planet. We have long brown hair, alge green eyes, tan skin, bunins and contacts. I hate that I look excatly like my mom. I always ask why did god have to make me like this and the answer I get is 'You look just like your mom. Such beauty!' from everyone. Great, just great!

I turn around to leave the brown, ugly, bare wood for what we call a attic, when I trip over something and fall onto my face. I slowly get up and dust myself off. I go over to where a box, hidden in the shadows with a tarp over it, to find out what it is excatly. I didn't notice this box earlier. I probably was just so preoccupied with my thoughts that I didn't even notice it when I walked by. I ripped the tarp off and it wasn't a box.. it was a crate. I tryed to rip the lid off but it was stuck like glue so I used the crowbar that was in the corner of the room to pry it open.

I glanced inside and was shocked to see what it was. I'm not sure if anyone could guess what it was. It wasn't even my mom's old clothes.



*A/N Thanks for reading my first chapter to Letters To Nobody. I hope you liked it. I'm sorry that's it's really short but the other chapters will be longer :/ I hope to get the next chapter updated soon!! So if you read this then please spread the word!!! Comments are apperciated and consturctive criticism are okay as well!! Thanks and enjoy reading!! :)

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