Letters To Nobody {On Hold}

Layla was searching through her attic one day and came across an old dusty box. When she opened the box it was full of letters. Tons and tons of them. Layla dosen't think much of it until later when she can't sleep because all she can think about is that box of letters. Layla sneeks back upstairs to read them and finds out that her mom wrote these letters as a teenager. Layla goes to the attic every day to read these letters and finds out what her mom struggled through as a child.


3. Ceira

I shoved my binders in my locker as the first bell rang. I grabbed the ones I needed, slammed the door shut and turned around. Across the hall was my best friend, Ceira, she was flirting it up with some random guy in my english. They finished up and she sauntered over to me. I smirked as I saw that in my best friend's hand there was a phone number. I sighed because Ceira was always the more outgoing type.

"Hey gurl!!" Ceira yelled in my ear while stretching out the u-rrr-l. We started walking towards our homeroom together.

"Hey" I said tired.

"What's up your ass today?" Ceira asked giggling.

"Nothing. Actually.. I was up at midnight looking in my attic because I had saw something there earlier and it wouldn't leave my mind!!" I said very quickly.

"Cool" She said distractly while checking out some guy walking down the oppisite end of the hall.

"And then a raccon came out of nowhere and grabbed my mom until she died. So I threw her out the window!" I walked up a little faster ahead of her and she jogged to catch up.

"Wait what!?" She asked. "That did not happen" Then stated.

"I know" I said. "I was trying to get you to try and listen to me!" I whacked her on the back of her head.

"Fine I am now" She said to me. 'Ya because there is no boys left in the hall to flirt with!' I thought. I repeated what I had said earlier, just in time to rush into homeroom before the final bell rang.


As I slid into my seat I glanced around the room and saw James (the guy I like) glancing at me. I blushed and looked away. I stared straight ahead knowing I must look like a tomato. Suddenly my phone buzzed in my pocket. I slid it out and glanced at the text from... Ceira.

From: Ceira xx

Hey! :) Checking out big guns over there? ;) Just go ask him out already!!

From: Layla<3

Um.. 1. He does not have big guns!!... Ok maybe! :) and NO I told you already that he has to make the first move! Duh... :/

From: Ceira xx

Haha told you! ;) Fine, be that way but he'll move on and you will be stuck as a lonely cat lady!!! LOL Ms.Burgs saw me.. GTG!!!!

I laughed to myself and slid my phone back into my pocket while looking at the board thinking about the letters in the box. I would read one after school.. I hope.


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