Why Me? (ON HOLD)

Brianna, knows about One Direction, and knows about their music. She likes their music and thinks their cute, but hates Harry Styles. They had a bad past, and when Brianna sees Harry in the mall she turns aroud a nd walks away, but Harry remembers her and he wants her back. Will Brianna give in or will Harry crash and burn. Will a surprising love appear? Will hatred cause One Direction to split up? Will Brianna be the cause of the end of one of the best boy bands? It all happens here in Why Me!

Dedicated to: MY JELLYFISH!!! of course named Brianna!


3. chapter three

I didn't know what to say so I didn't answer, Harry pulled me out of the car and then wrapped both is arms around my waist so I couldn't go anywhere. I let him drag me to the front of the house, no paparazzi to be found, huh thats weired. You'd think this place would be crawling with them.

"All the Paparazzi are with some family who's looking for their missing daughter," Harry said.

"You Son Of A-"

"Hey, watch your language!" Liam yelled.

"Well now I know why you guys call him Daddy Direction," I said. Harry smiled he picked me up in a bridel style and walked towards the house. "I'm not your wife."

"Fine then," He said a put me back on my feet. I grabbed onto Harry's hand and flipped him. Louis came rushing towards us, he ran right past me and sat next to Harry, I rolled my eyes. Liam came runing at me, he didn't want to hurt me I could tell, he tried to grab my wrists but I doged his hands and started running. I ran into a body, I look and see Niall. He may not look it but he was very strong. He picked me up by my waist and threw me over his shoulder. I kicked and punched him but he was a lot stronger then I was. "Niall Horan let me go!" I screamed.

"Umm.. No."

"Why are you helping Harry what has he done for you?" I ask.

He paused and I used that to my advantage. I rolled my body around in his grip, and he slowly loosened it. I threw myself to the ground and landed in a summersault. When I got up I started running again. I was so close to the gate, but Zayn was so close behind me. I grabbed onto the fence and started to cimb. I heard the rattiling of chains and look down to see Zayn was climbing after me. I climb fast, I jumped over the top of it and landed on my feet and hands resting on the ground. "Like I said, I could beat you up," I said looking at Zayn.

"But I can still outsmart you," A voice said. I turned aroud and saw Louis standing behind me. Then everything went dark. 


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