Why Me? (ON HOLD)

Brianna, knows about One Direction, and knows about their music. She likes their music and thinks their cute, but hates Harry Styles. They had a bad past, and when Brianna sees Harry in the mall she turns aroud a nd walks away, but Harry remembers her and he wants her back. Will Brianna give in or will Harry crash and burn. Will a surprising love appear? Will hatred cause One Direction to split up? Will Brianna be the cause of the end of one of the best boy bands? It all happens here in Why Me!

Dedicated to: MY JELLYFISH!!! of course named Brianna!


1. chapter one

Author's Note: First and for most I highly doubt that what Harry did to Brianna in this fan fiction is something he would do in actual life, and just so were clear I do NOT hate One Direction. and thirdly I'm really sorry for my story description I know it was really bad!


Is that him? No it can't be, he's suppose to be in Australia, or was that last month? Either way he isn't suppose to be here. He turned around and looked right at me I started walking away not wanting to talk to him.

"Brianna!" I hear him call but I keep on walking "Brianna wait!" I fell an hand wrap around my arm, I stop to glare at him "Hey Brianna!"

"Hey Harry, long time no see," I said.

"Yah how long has it been?" 

I glared at him. He seriously didn't just ask that! "You mean since you hurt me? Oh I don't know 3, 4 years."

"About that...." I put my hand up "Save it Harry, to the world you may be The Amazing Harry Styles, and don't get me wrong you have a great voice but to me you'll always be the lying backstabbing guy named Harry."

"Hazza!" Someone yelled, a bunch of screaming girls came running in our direction. I rolled my eyes and started walking away, but Harry grabbed onto my arm and started dragging me around, he pulled me out the backdoor. I tried to pull away from him but he had a strong grip, he opened the door to van and pushed me towards it. "What do you think your doing?" I ask.

"Liam, Niall, Louis, Zayn meet Brianna. Now Louis STEP ON IT!" Harry yelled.

"Harry you better tell what the hell is going on!" I yelled.

"Saving you from all the fans," He said.

"Well I didn't ask to be saved from those stalkers, if they start talking about me on twitter let them, I don't even have it anyways," I said.

"This is a new one, I'm either guessing you guys knew each other and something bad happened or she just hates you," Liam said.

"Well Liam if you must know, he's a lying backstabbing-"

"Ok! I think they get the picture!" Harry yelled from the front seat.

"Can I go home now, we're far from those "fans" and I really don't want to be here right now!" I said.

"Wow Harry, what'd you do?" Niall asked.

"Stop the car Louis," I said. Louis started to slow down. "No Louis keep going," Harry said. Louis looks at Harry and after a minute he then steps on the gas. Harry goes onto his phone and soon all the guys phones are beeping, they all nod in agreement, something told me I wasn't going to like it. I looked at the door, I did taekwondo for 14 years, I can open the door and roll out of the car and still be safe. Zayn saw me looking at the door and leaned against it. I sighed I was trapped.

"So.... Brianna, where you from?" Niall asks.

"Really?" I ask. He throws his hands up in surrender. I sigh "I live in Holmes Chapel."

"So did Harry!" Louis yelled.

"No kidding Lou, how do you think we know each other," Harry said.

"How do you guys actually know each other?" Liam asked.

"We were neighbors, so we became really good friends, but when he was 4 he moved away. Then one day he walked into the school and told me his story. After that we became best friends, then around when we were 14 we....." I looked out the window.

"We started dating," Harry finished.

"Oh," is all Liam said.

"When'd you break up?" Zayn asked.

"Shut up Zayn!" Harry yelled.

"OK! I'm done nice seeing you again, good luck with your carrier, and good bye," I said a reached for the door. Liam grabbed onto my waist and pulled me back down. "Sorry can't let you do that," Harry said. Liam held onto my waist with both hands.

"Keep a tight grip on her," Harry said "14 years of taekwondo."

"You'll have to show me some moves," Zayn said. I rolled my eyes.

"Why wont you let me go Harry?" I asked.

"Because I'm kidnapping you," Harry said.

"Your what!" I yelled.

"Brianna May consider yourself kidnapped."

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