Why Me? (ON HOLD)

Brianna, knows about One Direction, and knows about their music. She likes their music and thinks their cute, but hates Harry Styles. They had a bad past, and when Brianna sees Harry in the mall she turns aroud a nd walks away, but Harry remembers her and he wants her back. Will Brianna give in or will Harry crash and burn. Will a surprising love appear? Will hatred cause One Direction to split up? Will Brianna be the cause of the end of one of the best boy bands? It all happens here in Why Me!

Dedicated to: MY JELLYFISH!!! of course named Brianna!


9. chapter nine

"Took you guys long enough! You're all over the internet and Brianna is now known as 'mystery girl'" Liam said. 

"Well that's better then them knowing my name," I said.

"Did you guys get the food that you horribly wasted?" Niall asked.

"Yes and if you don't get over it there'll be none for you," I said. Niall frowned but didn't say anything else. I turn to see Zayn staring at me. I then remembered the kiss, I nodded my head to the backyard. I put the things on the counter then quietly slipped into the backyard. Zayn was sitting on one of the lawn chairs and when he saw me he got up and started to walk towards me.

"I'm sorry Brianna, I don't know what happened. Why I kissed you. I'm really, truly sorry," Zayn said.

"You knew why you did it, I know you do," I said.

Zayn sighed, "I know."

"Then why won't you tell me?" I asked.

"Because I can't hurt my best mate like that. I shouldn't of even kissed you but I did, if he knew I wouldn't even be walking on this planet anymore," Zayn said.

I laughed, "Harry is a little over protected of what he thinks his property is."

"What do you me thinks?" Zayn asked.

"I don't belong to Harry. I never will not even in a thousand years. Even if we ended up getting married, which I doubt will happen, he will never own me. I'm my own person who makes their own decisions, have been for a long time. Harry likes to have it his way, to be in charge, but so do I. No one and I repeat NO ONE tells me what I can and can't do," I said.

"He still likes you Brianna, no not even he loves you," Zayn said.

"I can see that, and that's why I've decided to give him a second chance, but that doesn't change what he did to me 2 years ago. Our relationship will never be the same," I said.

"I realize that. Can I ask what chances I have with you?"

"Honestly Zayn I don't know. I have nothing against you but I don't really know you either," I said.

"What do you know about me?" Zayn asked.

"You're very shy and kind of mysterious at first, but once you crack out of the shell you're really nice, funny, sweet, and considerit," I said.

"Well you made me sound like all the guys mixed in one," Zayn said.

"No I didn't, I made yo sound like Zayn Jawaad Malik. You may have some things the same as the other guys but you will never be anyone but yourself," I said.

"Woah, where'd that come out of?" Zayn asked.

"I do theater," I said smiling.

"Nice I'm going to call you Drama Queen from now on," Zayn said.

I gave a half smile, "You do that Zayn, you do that."

"I will, and now that I know what you know about me, I'm going to tell you about what I know about you." I raised my eyebrow at Zayn, "I know you're beautiful in and out, you may not show it all the time because you're protecting yourself but I see it. You have these walls built around you because you're scared that people may use what you tell them against you. I don't know much about you Brianna because you hide yourself but what I do know is that you are very protective of those you care about, you only trust when you are a 100% sure. You're caring and kind, but funny and not mature at some times, you live life like you'll die tomorrow. You're a little insecure about yourself and yet you don't care what others have to say about you. I don't know much, only what you're letting me know."

I had tears streaming down my eyes, that had seriously been the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me. I smiled at Zayn, "I don't deserve to be treated like that," I said.

Zayn whipped the tear off my cheek, "Everyone deserves to be complimented like that, you just got it from me." I smiled again. Then I leaned in and kissed Zayn's cheek.

"Ehem!" I pull away from Zayn and we both turn to the screen door. Harry was standing there with his arms crossed glaring daggers at Zayn.

"Oh hi Harry!" I said.

"Hi." he said grumpily, still glaring at Zayn, "Dinners ready."

"Okay thanks," I turned to Zayn again and gave him a big hug, he dug his face into my neck, "Thanks for everything Zayn, you're probably the nicest person here."

"Ah nothing to it, just being myself," he said pulling away.

I laughed, "Let's keep it that way." I walked towards a extremely pissed off Harry, he put his hand on my waist and I rolled my eyes. I knew was glaring at Zayn; seriously GROW UP! "Hey mate everything okay?" Zayn asked.

I giggled and I think Harry noticed because he pulled me closer to him, "What do you think?" Harry asked almost yelling.

"Woah! Okay what's going on here?" Liam asked.

"I don't know why don't you ask Zayn?" Harry said.

"Harry calm down," I said calmly, "A kiss on the cheek isn't telling him I'm in love with him."

By then everyone was in the room. They were all looking at Zayn for an explanation.

"Yes Brianna kissed me on the cheek, but she did it because I was the only one here being really nice to her!" Zayn said defending himself.

"You know how I feel about her! And yet you let her anyways," Harry said.

"It was a kiss on the cheek Harry!" Zayn yelled.

I couldn't watch this, I couldn't be the reason that two best mates are having a fight, "Stop!" I yelled, the room went silent and everyone turned to face me. "I kissed his cheek Harry! Get over it! I'm not going to be told what I can and can't do! I'm not a 3 year old, you're not my Father, and You Don't Own me! You and Zayn are best mates and you're fighting over a kiss that meant thank you? Now I don't hang out with you guys all the time but you're old enough to get over things and understand little thing that mean nothing! So shut up cause I'm not going to stand here and listen to this!" everyone was quiet and just staired at me, "Okay maybe don't shut up but stop fighting," I said calmly.

"She's right, I'm sorry Zayn I just over reacted," Harry said.

"It's okay mate, I probably would of done the same thing," Zayn said. The man hugged each other to make up. I smiled at my work and went to the kitchen. The boys followed after me and we ate dinner. During dinner Zayn leaned over and whispered in my ear, "You know after that Drama Queen really does suit you!" I started to laugh but I just took a slip of Orange Juice so I started choking on it.

This is going to be a long Month, but at least it's with the 5 weirdest boys in the world!

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