Why Me? (ON HOLD)

Brianna, knows about One Direction, and knows about their music. She likes their music and thinks their cute, but hates Harry Styles. They had a bad past, and when Brianna sees Harry in the mall she turns aroud a nd walks away, but Harry remembers her and he wants her back. Will Brianna give in or will Harry crash and burn. Will a surprising love appear? Will hatred cause One Direction to split up? Will Brianna be the cause of the end of one of the best boy bands? It all happens here in Why Me!

Dedicated to: MY JELLYFISH!!! of course named Brianna!


8. chapter eight

Harry and Zayn dragged me to the back door. The manager agreed to let them have their own personal grocery shop. We waked through the quite grocery store, well almost quiet you could hear the screaming fans outside pounding on the doors.

"I never realised how crazy your fans really were," I said staring at the girs behind the door. Harry grabbed onto my hand and pulled so I was loking at him.

"Don't look at them they could get a picture!" Harry said sternly.

"I thought Liam was stricked...." I said.

"Just looking out for you!" He said. Then he squinted his eyes and tapped the top of my nose. I rolled my eyes, "What's the first thing on the list?" I asked.

"Milk." Harry answered.

"Haha, second best weapon I used," I laughed.

"You don't stop laughing I'm going to pour milk on you and then we'll see who likes it," Harry said.

"Oooo I'm so scared!" I said.

"That's it!" Harry started to run towards me until Zayn jumped in front of us, "I think that's enough food fights for one day," he said, "Harry go get the bread Brianna and I will get the eggs and milk." Zayn instructed. I followed Zayn towards the dairy isle. I picked up an egg carten and opened it to make sure none of the eggs were cracked. "Eggs! the best weapon in a food fight ever to be invented!" I said remembering Harry and my food fight.

"Oh really?" Zayn asked. He picked up an egg carten and took out an egg. "Hey guys I've got all the-"

Harry stopped short because Zayn threw the egg at his chest. "Really Brianna?" Harry asked, "We're in a grocery store."

"It wasn't me! It was Zayn!" I said pointing at him.

"I don't know what you're talking about, oh and Harry you have something on your shirt," Zayn said. Harry picked up and egg carten and threw one at me, I ducked and it hit Zayn on head, making it go all over his head.

Zayn had his mouth hanging open and he just staird at Harry. "You did not just get egg in my hair did you?" Zayn said. I was laughing really hard and Zayn raised his eyebrow again, picking up another egg

"Duck and cover!" I yelled. Harry didn't understand and the egg hit his leg. Then it began the second food fight for the day.

I was running away from Harry and I slipped on some eggyok. Luckily Zayn was there to catch me. "Oh thanks Zayn," I said.

"No problem," He said back, his hands were holding onto my arms so I couldn't move away from him.

"Uh Zayn you can let me go now," I said, he didn't move he just staird at me, "Uh Zayn? You're still holding me you caught me all ready." his responce was he moved his eyes so they were looking into mine, "Zayn?"

"Brianna I need to tell you something, I'm not good with words and I know I shouldn't be having these feelings..."

"Wait feelings?" I asked surprised.

"I know it's stupid but you're just so beautiful, and......." he didn't say anything he just leand in and kissed me. I was so surprised I didn't process it right away, so I couldn't stop him. He pulled away and smiled at me, "I really like you Brianna," Zayn said.


"Hey guys we kind of just got kicked out, go figure so- hey is everything okay?" Harry said.

"Uh yah I fell and Zayn caught me," I said. Zayn frowned at me that I blew the kiss off like that.

"Oh well we should go now," Harry said. He walked off and I went to follow but Zayn grabbed onto my arm and turned me to face him.


"Not now Zayn. not now," I said and contiued to follow Harry. We went to another store to get our food but this time the guys stayed in the car and I went by myself since no one knew who I was. I think Harry could tell there was tention between Zayn and I, I also knew I had some explaining to do to Harry. Ugh why did everything become so complicated. Why did Zayn have to like me? Why did Harry have to want me back? Why did he kidnap me? Why did I date him? Why do I have to choose?

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