Walked to a park, mysteriously disappered, Sadie Green's case is now open. Please tell people to read my movella if ya like it! it is for the crime competition!


3. Chapter Three

After getting back to the station, I went into my office and looked through old text messages on the phone. One message in particular caught my eye. To: Erin; OMG, that weird stalker kid just asked me to the dance.

Really? The one you caught in your yard yesterday morning?

Yeah, who doesn't have anything better to do than get up at three in the morning and stalk people.

James has been getting up at three in the morning. I looked at the date and realized that this was about the time he had started acting rude to his family. Then I remembered something, he went out knowing that he was grounded.

"Rick! Send this phone to chief."

"You got it sir." I went home and James wasn't home again. So I walked in his room and took everything that was electronic and brought it into my room. I had finished just when he was walking in the front door. The familiar thud of the backpack onto the hard wood floor. Footsteps in the kitchen. Then he walked in his room and I saw a orange roll out a second later.



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