Walked to a park, mysteriously disappered, Sadie Green's case is now open. Please tell people to read my movella if ya like it! it is for the crime competition!


7. Chapter Seven

We saw the house as soon as we got there. It was right on the shore and was the only old looking house there was. We took the boat around the island and decided to walk in again. 

After we silently got to the house, we heard movement in it. The door swung open and James came out of the house. He was ambushed by police and arrested. We then moved into the house. Blood trails from James lead into the attic. Then into a passageway to the basement. In the basement, we found a Sadie Green, half awake, beaten and bloody against a wall.

James came back with us to Kansas, Sadie was transported to a hospital. She made a full recovery in six months and came to testify against James. The court day came, my turn to testify. James looked at me with those little kid eyes that he did when I didn't let him get ice cream when he was five.

"This boy," I stopped to gather my thoughts. "Is pure evil. I don't care that he is my son, he is no better than his mother."

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