Walked to a park, mysteriously disappered, Sadie Green's case is now open. Please tell people to read my movella if ya like it! it is for the crime competition!


4. Chapter Four

After a long and loud disagreement with James about why his things got taken away, I got a door slammed in my face. I decided to research Sadie to see what I could find. I found out that her dad is a rich lawyer (Suprise, suprise.) and her mom is a nurse. She is a honor roll student with straight A's.

I looked at the clock on the laptop and realized that it was almost midnight. 'thump'

What was that? 'thump'

It was coming from James' room. I looked out my window and saw him running across the lawn with rope and an orange. Why does he have rope- ohhhhhhhh. This isn't happening, he couldn't have kidnapped Sadie, he is to good for that, he couldn't. I have to do something, even if my own son goes to prison.



I called the station and told them I had a lead on where to find Sadie. Five minutes later, I was at the station, tracking James' cell phone. The one thing that I had not taken away from him. The old abandoned house down on Fifth street. 

Guns, tazers, all because my own flesh and blood kidnapped Sadie Green. 

I kidnapped Sadie Green, James is, ME, really. My son, but he took after his mother so much.

She had left me with him right after his first birthday.

He had left me to kidnap a girl. Then we were pulling up to Fourth street, and we were going to walk to the abandoned house. I was snapped out of sadness and pulled into a volcano of anger, that was going to erupt soon.

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