Walked to a park, mysteriously disappered, Sadie Green's case is now open. Please tell people to read my movella if ya like it! it is for the crime competition!


5. Chapter Five

After a few hours of waiting, we decided to go into the house. I mouthed, 'One, Two, Three' and we busted down the door. No one. We looked in the basement. On the wall, writen in Sadie's blood, "Hi daddy." James. We searched the rest of the house and couldn't find anything besides cobwebs and James' cell phone which he expertly abliterated into hundreds of pieces.

The search started with local announcements and flyers, candle light viduals, and charity 5k runs to raise money to find James and Sadie. Then Sadie's parents started paying for every news station in the country to broadcast a plead for her return.

Finally, after another week, someone called in. 


"Sadie Green."

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