Walked to a park, mysteriously disappered, Sadie Green's case is now open. Please tell people to read my movella if ya like it! it is for the crime competition!


1. Chapter One


"Sadie Green."


"Blonde Hair, green eyes. Caucasian."

"Last seen?"

"May 21, 2012."

"Excellent, I think you have done your job, Mister and Mrs. Green."

"Thank you," Mrs. Green stopped to wipe her eyes. "Please tell us when you have any information sir."

"No problem, thank you." and they left, Mr. Green holding up his wife.

 Their daughter, who was in 9th grade had been kidnapped last week, and Mrs. Green was a wreck. They had showed me a picture, even though they were wearing shirts with Sadie's picture that said, "Have you seen me?" and walked in with a stack of flyers that I was supposed to pass out. Rich people, jeez. I feel bad that they are missing a little bird in that big nest of theirs, but then they go home to maids and butlers and hot tubs. My son goes to the same school as Sadie, I will see if he knows her.

   When I get home, I can't seem to find James. I thought he would have been home by now. After hearing Sadie's case, I instructed him to not go out of the house without an adult. Then I hear the door open and close and James' back pack drop to the floor. He walks into the kitchen and grabs an orange out of a bowl. I clear my throat.


"Young man? Where have you been? I told you not to go outside of the house without an adult." I said in a serious voice while plucking a leaf off James' shoulder.

"I know this is about Sadie. Her parents forced the whole school to sit through a two-hour assembly about how much they miss her and if we have any information to please call."

"You still didn't answer my question."

"I was at Joey's house! Get off my back old man! Mom wouldn't be on my case. Considering she had to leave you." What the hell did he just say?

"That's it. You are grounded. You know how I feel about your mom."

"Whatever." and he stormed off to his room. How come he has been acting like this lately? He was so nice what seemed like yesterday, now I don't know what to think.

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