Her civil war love.

Only took me about 20 minutes...but, for one of my best friends (Jasmine).


1. Her Civil War Love,


His kiss is cold,
But perfect.  
His hand you hold, 
Now caress his fingers and fold,

Now, look at you. 
Your black and blue,
You haven't a care? 
Too foolish to think or do.  

Hear your pathetic whimpers,
As you cry in the night, 
'I'm sorry' not that its meant, 
Suddenly, you'll be alright.
As he whispers a compliment, 
He's your shining knight.   
Strike down on you now, 
His sword filled fist,
His heart a stone shield too,
Your eyes eager,
Vulnerable and blue.  

Isolated. Alone. Immortal.
The beating never dies, 
The light in your soul.
Hear the girl now,  
As she screams with pain.
His nightmare haunts
her Mundane life.  

Lurking in the shadows, 
Please, let go, 
How you still love him so.
But you ignore the law,
This trouble is not worth, 
Setting fire to our
endless Civil war.

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