Stolen Away

Typical night for Ashley: meets up with Sarah, chats up some boy, gets mugged and kidnapped? When she tears off the hoods of her muggers will she discover a whole new world for herself? More importantly: will she escape?


1. Taken by a Familiar Face

I hate it when it gets late, all the weirdos and druggies come out. I would have been home hours ago if Sarah hadn't dragged me to the mall after school and then get distracted by two Aberchrombie and Fitch models, asking for directions. She's like Winnie the Pooh with a jar of honey... Too stupid to realize the jar's empty. 

So there I was, in the same old street in the same old neighbourhood, only difference was that it was dark. It's not that I'm afraid of the dark, just cautious, it's logic: when do rapists and paedophiles attack? When it's dark so no one can see. But nothing like that happens in the suburbs.

I hopped of the bus and leisurely began to stroll home. I plugged my headphones in and enjoyed the music. I knew these streets so well that I could walk home from here blind folded: turn right and walk 36 paces, then turn left and walk 15, turn right again and take 47 steps, hop over the ditch, skip down the alley and sprint up the hill.

I just reached the top of Arundel Ridge and hopped over the ditch, but I didn't get 5 steps into the alley before bumping into someone. I looked up at the hooded figure and straight away looked down again.

"Excuse me." I was going to walk around him before he pushed me. I pushed him back harder and unplugged my headphones.

"What is your problem dip-shit?!" Suddenly, two boys appeared behind him. One was extremely lanky and the other was short and kind of fat. I turned around and ran back to the top of the alley, or I would have if three other guys hadn't sauntered down the alley. I turned back around and faced brick wall guy with his two henchmen. These guys were muggers. 

I opened my mouth to scream, but before even a shriek could come out, one of the boys behind me wrapped his hand around my mouth. I dropped my bag and the other two drones held back my arms. Brick wall boy reached down for my bag, as he did, I pulled back my foot and smashed it into his chin. He fell backwards and threw his head back in pain. He stood back up again, but this time his hood was down. I saw his chin had become swollen, purple and bloody. My eyes travelled further up his face until I met his eyes.

I bit down hard on the boys fingers until he released me. Still shocked, I whispered,

"Liam...?" Finally my throat realized the situation I was in and I let out an ear piercing shriek. I saw the lights in the house across the alley turn on and heard a dog's shrill bark. I stared at Liam; he wasn't much older then me, but he looked terrible.

"What do we do?" Shouted a boy behind me. The lanky, skinny guy in front was the only one with a plan.

"Take her and run, we can't get caught." The fat guy picked up what looked to be a baseball bat, but before I could get a better look, he swung the bat and cracked my head. I was out like a light. I knew that when I died it would be because of Sarah, but I always though we'd die together, like two idiots who chocked on their own vomit when they were smashed at a party... Oh cruel fate! 


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