Stolen Away

Typical night for Ashley: meets up with Sarah, chats up some boy, gets mugged and kidnapped? When she tears off the hoods of her muggers will she discover a whole new world for herself? More importantly: will she escape?


6. Murder


I found Liam and slipped away from the search group. It was pouring with rain and, even with my hood up, I was drenched within seconds and could feel my heavy hood sink. We started to run. Liam was slightly in front as he lead the way. All of a sudden I was knocked over and was sent rolling back down the hill. I stood back on my feet and clutched my stomach. Through my blurred vision I saw a figure stand in front of me... it was Rat-face. 

I imediently ran in the opposite direction and didn't stop. I could hear his foot steps pounding after me and ran faster. I stopped as I saw a river dead in front of me. I turned back to face him and he was no more than three metres away. He shoved his hand in his left pocket and pulled out a sharp knife.

"You know, from the moment I met you, I knew I didn't like you." He spat out his words like a nasty taste in his mouth.

"Funny," I shouted over the rain.

"that's what I thought about you!" He smirked.

"I wanted to get rid of you then and there, but would they listen? No!" He was slowly making his way towards me.

"They listened to Liam. Liam the smart one. No one guessed that his other agenda was that he was in love with you, but I did. I knew he wanted you around for himself. But being the sweet, romantic sap he was, he decided to set you free, totally betraying the gang." He was now dead in front of me, he grabbed my shoulder and held the knife to my neck.

"And this is my reward, not only do I get to kill the bitch who started my problems, I also get the pleasure of breaking Liam's heart when I tell him the news of your death: two birds with one stone." I closed my eyes and waited for the sting of the blade to strike me, but the knife had disappeared from my neck. I opened my eyes and saw Liam, standing over Rat-face who still clasped the knife in one hand. 

He stood up and lunged at Liam. The knife went passed his arm and Liam punched him again. This time, Rat-face dropped the knife, Liam picked it up and pointed it at him.

"What are you going to do with that, huh, Liam? You going to kill me? We both know you ain't got the guts for that!" In one swift motion Liam thrust the knife into Rat-face's stomach and whispered.

"Yeah. I have." He unplugged the knife from his belly and with his other hand, Liam grabbed Rat-face's wrist and dragged him over to me. He walked past me and threw both the knife and body into the river. I stood there stunned, staring at Liam. He washed his bloody hands in the river, then took my hand.

"Lets go."

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