Stolen Away

Typical night for Ashley: meets up with Sarah, chats up some boy, gets mugged and kidnapped? When she tears off the hoods of her muggers will she discover a whole new world for herself? More importantly: will she escape?


5. Escape Plan


I woke up, not remembering much about how I had ended up on the floor. I tried to sit up but I crashed back down to the floor in agony. My stomach clenched and my whole body was in such pain that it hurt to move. I slid my way over to the wall and propped myself up against it. I softly prodded at my stomach and felt the shooting pain surge through my body. I wrapped my arms around my belly, hoping to hold me still and took long breaths to stop the pain.

The door slowly creaked open and in came Liam. I glared at him, deciding whether I should be afraid or mad. He clicked the door shut, walked towards me and crouched to the floor. In his right hand he held a rucksack and I noticed that he was breathing harder.

"I'm getting you out of here. Downstairs there are a bunch of gangs that have come for a meet up and for a drugs trade, this is the perfect time to slip you out without anyone noticing you." He unzipped the bag and began to roll out a pile of clothes.

"First, we need to get you into a new set of clothes so people won't recognise you." He slowly lifted me up to my feet and I tried my best not to wince. I lifted my jumper up over my head and threw it to Liam. As he handed me a new shirt he stared at my stomach.

"Ashley, your stomach..." I looked down at my semi-naked body and saw a giant, purple bruise positioned under my ribs. I stared back at Liam and he walked closer to me.

"Does it hurt?" He stroked the bruise with his hand, I gasped in pain and he immediately recoiled his hand.

"I'm sorry but you're going to have to put up with it until I can get you out of here, can you do that?" I nodded in reply and continued to get undressed. 

I finished and was now dressed in baggy boy jeans, giant Nike knock-off's and an oversized hoodie. He pulled the hood up and it covered half of my face. I threw the bag onto my back and we walked towards the door. Liam stopped me and talked me through our game plan.

"Right, I'll check if the coast is clear then signal you to come out. We'll walk down the stairs and have to wade through lots of druggies and thugs. After which I'll lead you out the door and quickly make it into town where they can't follow us. Are you ready?" My stomach was in a mixture of pain and knots, my palms were sweaty, I was breathing heavily and my heart was racing. A million questions of doubt were buzzing through my head: What if I get caught? What if they kill me? What if I somehow get separated from Liam? What if they know where I live? But I gritted my teeth and forced myself to think positively. I nodded back to Liam.

He opened the door, looked around and gestured me to follow him. We casually walked down the corridor. I wanted to hold Liam's hand so desperately, but I needed to stay strong, I have to make those idiots downstairs believe I'm one of them. I shoved my hands to the bottoms of my pockets, hiding my nail varnish and keeping my trousers up at the same time.

We made it down the stairs and were starting to swim through the sea of morons. We were nearly at the door, until we were stopped by a big, lump of a guy.

"Hey Liam," His voice was so deep and rough, it reminded me of Phil from EastEnders. He slapped Liam on the back.

"Where you running off to?" He laughed as he spoke, Liam was obviously a friend of his, which was good because you wouldn't want this guy as your enemy! 

"Nowhere Trev, hows business been?" They were very casual, this wasn't Liam's first time at lying. But all this chat was making me nervous, the longer I stayed here, the longer I was endanger of being exposed.

"Business is good, Business is good. Hows it been here?" This guy was really putting me on edge.

"Ya'know, pretty good, last month Johnny got caught." He didn't sound too upset, but the big guy was shocked.

"Johnny Slick?! God, he was one of the best." He looked down and I caught a glimpse of his face; Grey, acne scars, thin lips and buzzed-cut blonde hair. Suddenly his dim brown eyes locked on mine, I quickly looked at the floor so he couldn't see my face. He stepped nearer towards me.

"Who's this then?" My tongue froze and I stood in silence. Luckily, Liam stepped in.

"This is an old mate of mine, name's Ty." Trev whacked me on the back, I did my best to keep quiet and suppressed my pain. He laughed.

"Good to meet 'ya Ty, any friend of Liam's is a friend of mine." He held out his hand to shake mine, I quickly shook it and shoved my hand in my pocket again. He looked at me and I could feel the suspicion from his eyes burn into my back. He was about to say something when a booming voice cut him off.

"Oi, listen up!" Everyone's heads had turn towards a tall guy with a scar on his face.

"There was a girl locked upstairs..." The crowd cheered. These people were sick! I heard a voice to the left of me shout:

"Why didn't you tell us sooner?" Cruel laughter followed.

"She's escaped." There was an awkward silence, everyone was nervous.

"Everyone, spilt up and search." The crowed shuffled and Liam and I were swept away with a group of people searching outside. I looked back and saw Rat-face... staring straight at me.

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