Stolen Away

Typical night for Ashley: meets up with Sarah, chats up some boy, gets mugged and kidnapped? When she tears off the hoods of her muggers will she discover a whole new world for herself? More importantly: will she escape?


7. Ending with a Letter


We were just outside of town and crossed an old hotel. Liam dragged me inside and walked up to the front desk.

"Hi, one room please." The old lady behind the desk smiled and handed up a key. We walked to the stairs and began to climb. It looked like we were the only people in the entire hotel. Liam opened the door and I followed. The room wasn't actually too bad; spacious, warm, nice furniture. I dumped my bag on the bed and stared at Liam, wondering why we were even here.

"Go take a shower, I'll be back in a minute." I wasn't going to argue with that. I walked into the bathroom, locked the door, switched the shower on and stripped. The hot water felt great against my freezing cold skin. I washed my hair and cleaned my body, stepped out of the shower and dried myself. I could have stayed in there longer but I needed to talk to Liam. I slipped on a complimentary bath robe and walked out of the bathroom, combing through my hair. 

I saw Liam perched on the bed, looking through the bag. He looked at me and slid the bag under the bed. I walked over and sat next to him. I sighed.

"So what are we doing in a hotel?" I asked, feeling more tired than ever. He shuffled closer to me.

"Thought you deserved some time to relax and let everything sink in." I closed my eyes and rested my head on his shoulder. I heard him wince and I took my head off of his arm. He lifted his top and I saw the cut. I dragged him into the bathroom, ran the flannel under the cold tap and pressed it gently on his cut.

"Ashley stop." I stared at him blankly.

"If I don't do this you could get an infection, now just shut up and sit there while I find a first aid kit." I opened the draw and found it. I unzipped it, took out the cream and rubbed it on his cut. Then I wrapped a bandage around it tightly and walked him back to the bed.

"Thanks." He said solemnly.

"Don't mention it." I replied. After standing there for a few minutes in the awkward silence, I decided to slip into the double bed. I looked up at Liam and smiled.

"Well?" He stood there confused.

"Well what?" I laughed.

"Are you getting in here or what?" He slid in the covers and he wrapped his arms around me and I dug my head into his chest.


"For what?" I could feel his chest vibrate as he spoke.

"Saving my life." 

"Oh. No problem." He replied casually. I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.

Liam wasn't there when I woke up. I got dressed, took the bag and wondered downstairs. I asked the lady at the desk if she'd seen him, she said he paid and left two hours ago. She handed me a letter that he had written.

Dear Ashley, 

I'm sorry I had to take off without saying goodbye, I felt it would be better this way. It was true that I have always loved you and still do, but I can't be with you. At least not now. I need you to call the police from the nearest phone box you can find, I have left change in the bag for you to also call your parents. Please tell the police the address and names on the back of this letter, I need you to tell them the whole story. That means including me and killing Dave. If you don't tell them everything the judge will give them a shorter sentence and wont take it seriously if you lie.

I wish that you do not show this to the police, otherwise they will come after me and know where I am. I have run off to France, in hope that I will find a new life and the magic that my father found. I hope that someday you will visit me and that we could live together in France. I don't I will ever return to Brighton.

These next few months will be really hard, what with the police and investigations, but I need you to stay strong. 

I will love you forever...

Liam x

P.S. Stay out of alleyways ;)

I started to cry. I wish I could have said goodbye to him in person. So I did as the letter said and he was right, dealing with the police was hard. But after 4 months things went back to normal and I was back to stalking Aberchrombie and Fitch models with Sarah. Still, I couldn't forget Liam. Everyday I walked through that alleyway, hoping I would one day bump into him.

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