Best summer ever

Zoe thinks she is having the best summer when she runs away from here evil stepdad but it gets even better when she meets Harry from 1D!!! Will her stepdad find her and kill her friends?? Will there be romance too???


1. Run

Zoe's P.O.V.

I wake up and get the feeling that i have to run away today. I have a shower and get dressed. I pack a bag with some money, my pjs and a pair of clothes for the next day. I lock my bedroom door and climb out of the window! I jump and fall. I hear my stepdad shout " ZOE! Get the hell down here and clean this mess up". I run and run and run! I end up at the park and sit on the bench by the duck pond. When I fall I think I broke my arm but I didn't care. I just had to get away from that place and him( my stepdad, Dave) if u are wondering my mother and father died in a house fire. My stepmother was the most wonderful person ever. One day my stepmom disappeared. I get up and start to walk to the other end of town. When I get to my favorite store I bumbed into someone and fall to the ground but I hit my arm on the sidewalk. I look up and have tears in my eyes. I see a fuzzy person looking right at me!!! When I wipe my eyes I see liam payn from one direction! He helps me up and asked if I was ok! " Where are you going" liam asked. " I dont know" I say back. " come on you can come back to my house and stay over to night and it looks like you have hurt your arm" Liam exclamied .

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