Fire Dancer


1. Fire Dancer

A light in the dark it flickers and burns.

The wicks long cap in the dark night,

maybe it is light, warmth and wisdom,

Or perhaps it is the dress on a dancer.


A flame on a candle is a single dancer.

Bending and bowing, low and high,

down from her waist she bends,

up on her toes she stands .


She dances and laughs so merrily,

she waves cheerily to her audience,

she is a dancer in a dress of flame,

a dress the shifts and shimmers.


She spins and she whirls at midnight,

a dancer on a floor of smooth wax

her movements graceful elegant,

her movements hypnotising, beautiful


She dances till spent and tiredness calls,

so she dances low to the ground sinking.

Sinking slowly to the dance floor, as a last

effort she throws her glowing veils into the air.

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