I am not yet on earth.

this is something i did for english dont know whether its any good


1. ...

I am not yet on earth; provide me.                                                                    with love and praise to shower me,                                                                with clear pathways to guide me,                                                                   and with hope and happiness to surround me.

I am not yet on earth; protect me.                                                                     let not the bloodsucking beast hurt me,                                                           the devilish clown capture me,                                                                            or the falling thunder frighten me.

I am not yet on earth; forgive me.                                                                     for all the sins i may commit for my own safety,                                                 for all the thoughts i shall think when the doubt me,                                         and for all the words i shall speak when they speak against me.

So my last sentence to you shall be,                                                                   Let them not forget this plea.


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