Building a wall


1. Building a wall

I don’t know anything about love.

I don’t know, how you know it’s love.

I don’t even know what to do in love,

But I know that love must exist.


I thought myself in love once

how wrong was I? I cried after that

then I built a wall as high as the sky.

I built a wall around my heart


Then love came back to toy with me

but the wall kept it out, it always works.

If the wall keeps love out how will I know?

How will I know if I am in love again?


When is it safe to love someone?

The question goes round and round

in my head. What if I missed it?

Follows it round like a dog on a leash


Do you know what love is?

Have you loved and been loved in return?

Do you know what it feels like to love?

Or like me have you built up a wall?

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