The Risk

15 year old Cassie Acquah doesn't realize what "risk" is until she gets herself stuck... The thing is, a board game isn't really the same as real life, so how will she survive when she gets thrown head-first into one. Well, I suppose she COULD fall in love with the troop leader, become a soldier and explore the world on horseback, but how will she ever get out?


18. Talking

He let my hand slip out of his and kissed me lightly on the cheek. "Time to go in..." he looked nervous.

"Whats wrong Finnick?" I questioned.

"Nothing... Let's go!"

And we headed in, where dinner was ready to be served. We ate, delicious turkey and potatoes, and then he led me back to the room where we sat on his sofa together, and he told me how he got in; "I was in this very secluded room in my house with my brother." 

I stifled a giggle "What?" he said, playfully punching my arm, "Nothing, nothing... It's just that our stories are extremely similar!"

"Oh OK... So I dug out this board game to play, and as soon as I had conquered France-"

"Wait! I conquered England when I came in!"

"Well since then we've moved up here to England..."

It was all adding up.

"And this is where we've set up camp. Actually, I've completely forgotten... The blacks are making their way up from France as we speak."

I gulped. "Blacks?"

"Yeah, I mean it's not just one army fighting themselves! There are also reds, but they're mostly all the way up in eastern Asia..."

"Ben!" I croaked "We're not going to have to fight them, are we? It's just, he's my brother..."

Finnick suddenly looked very solemn "And the black army is my brother."

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