The Risk

15 year old Cassie Acquah doesn't realize what "risk" is until she gets herself stuck... The thing is, a board game isn't really the same as real life, so how will she survive when she gets thrown head-first into one. Well, I suppose she COULD fall in love with the troop leader, become a soldier and explore the world on horseback, but how will she ever get out?


34. Setting Off

"We have to hunt for our food!" I continued matter-of-factually.

"SHOCK HORROR." he replied, chuckling, and I laughed too, because it was the only thing that could have cheered me up in a long time.

"Before breakfast. C'mon then, we better go to get there in time!"

"Before... before breakfast?!"

"Yup. Now stop being lazy! The sooner you get up, the sooner we catch something, ergo the sooner we get breakfast. Following?" I gave him a joking smile.

"Think so." he sighed and started to get up "If you go into your room-"

"My room?" I questioned "You really haven't woken up, have you?"

"Right... Just go outside to get changed, unless you want the risk of any of these guys waking up and seeing you!" he raised an inquisitive eyebrow.

"And you?"

"Or me..."

"OK then, but if you come out, breakfast won't be wild birds," I said, giving him dagger eyes, even though I knew he wouldn't do that.

"I don't think I'll take that risk..." he whispered, kissing my cheek and grabbing the edges of his shirt and starting to take it off.

"Woah!" I said, before he could finish "I'll be leaving then..." but I had time to turn around and blow him a sweet kiss before I walked off.

And I highly doubted he would take that risk.


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