The Risk

15 year old Cassie Acquah doesn't realize what "risk" is until she gets herself stuck... The thing is, a board game isn't really the same as real life, so how will she survive when she gets thrown head-first into one. Well, I suppose she COULD fall in love with the troop leader, become a soldier and explore the world on horseback, but how will she ever get out?


16. Players and Figures

A player? What did he mean by that? I mean, I have only had two boyfriends before, but that doesn't make me a player at all... Is that what Finnick thought of me? I'm thinking too fast, maybe I should say something.

"A player?!" I choked. He looked confused and the setting sun lit up his face.

"Yeah... Like you control the figurines?"

Now I was really confused. Who were the figurines?

"Yeah, so you were playing this board game in the real dimension, and-"

Now i was caught up, and relief barely had a chance to flood over me.

"So you're from the real world too?"

"Yeah, I was taken in... Three years ago, I think. And I hope, on the spur of the moment, that you wont get mad at me for this..." 

He leant in and cupped my cheeks in his hands and reached his lips forward, gently brushing them against mine so his eyelashes fluttered against my cheeks. Wow, I never thought he would make a move on me.

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