The Risk

15 year old Cassie Acquah doesn't realize what "risk" is until she gets herself stuck... The thing is, a board game isn't really the same as real life, so how will she survive when she gets thrown head-first into one. Well, I suppose she COULD fall in love with the troop leader, become a soldier and explore the world on horseback, but how will she ever get out?


13. LOVE: Laughter-Opportunity-Very-Exhausting

I looked up after I realized I had spent a little bit too long stating at his muscles. I turned a bright shade ascarlet but he just laughed. "Seriously, you OK?" for some reason, he didn't speak lie everyone else here... Anyway, he brushed my hair out of my face, before me realizing I was still in my pyjamas and quickly grabber the sheet and pulled it over me. He laughed again "Well, you get dressed then... I'll see you in my room in a couple of minutes for breakfast." What? Breakfast? What time is it? I looked sceptically at my clock.

It was 6:00. Well, you know what they say... The Early bird catches the worm, right?

I feel sorry for the bird...

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