The Risk

15 year old Cassie Acquah doesn't realize what "risk" is until she gets herself stuck... The thing is, a board game isn't really the same as real life, so how will she survive when she gets thrown head-first into one. Well, I suppose she COULD fall in love with the troop leader, become a soldier and explore the world on horseback, but how will she ever get out?


27. Aim and fire

I flung the door wide open wrecklessly, and saw a bedraggled and wet Finnick with a beautiful mahoggany bow looped over one arm; his hand was clutched at his hip where a silver longsword was tied and in its holster. He grabbed me by the arm and led me outside, handing me the bow shakily. We only had time for one last kiss, before he said "You know how to use it," and sprinted off into the chaos, sword drawn and poised like a cobra in front of him.

I would have to do this alone.

I skirted round the field until I was hidden in the undergrowth, in an overgrown opening to the forest. I pulled my bow back with a glittering red arrow on the string, and aimed it at the nearest knight who was dressed in black, his back turned to me and duelling diligently with a blue army member.

My arms closed up and I couldn't move them- but I knew it wasn't from the cold, harsh winds, it was because I couldn't bring myself to do it. I couldn't kill someone, I knew I couldn't. But the rain spitting down from the heavens loosened my grip on the tail of the arrow, and it slipped out of my hand.

It was all I could do not to scream as it flew through the air.

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