Harry Potter and the Shifting Dragon

Harry, Hermione and Ron have resumed attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry after saving Sirius Black from Azkaban. All Harry wants is a quiet year, but that's the last thing he's going to get when his name is put in the Goblet of Fire. But that isn't the only mystery settling in the walls of Hogwarts.

This is a rewritten version of The Goblet of Fire, with a weird twist.


1. Discovery

The grey water was motionless, cold, almost dead. Another year, another chance for me to die pretty much. The mystery of how my name got into the Goblet rung around my mind, different theories questioned reality. But none of them seemed to fit the puzzle. I plucked at the dead grass around me, boredom filled me, like the Goblet filled with angry blue flames. I sighed, and hit my head against the tree slightly. Why me? One year, give me just one year where I don't have to face death. I looked up to the sky, which like the water, showed no sign of life or happiness.


My ears startled to hear a noise, like a rat. I sat still, and tried to analyze where the noise was coming from. My eyes shifted, detecting if any movement might match the noise. Nothing. I tried to make myself look small. After a minute or so, I gave up with worrying and resumed with... Well nothing. I lowered myself down the tree, trying to get comfortable, might as well. Not like I'm going back to my Dormitory any time soon, especially with Ron being all... Ron. At the side of the Lake a few metres away from me was a fallen tree dipping into the water. I don't remember that from last year... Must have been a storm or something. I jumped, that noise again. It didn't sound like a rat this time, it sounded more deep.


The fallen tree seemed to move, shake slightly. I scanned up and down the corpse, until my eyes settled on a figure. I kept a close eye on the it, trying to work out whether it was a shadow or something very much alive. It jumped, closer towards the light, making it visible to my lousy eyesight. 


It was small, the size of a large cat maybe. Slender, and smooth, by the looks of it a female. Long floppy ears, much like a dog's. A tail about the size as the rest of the body. Strong legs, each with four clean, black, curved claws. A mane from it's chin to the top of it's front legs, with an furry underbelly to watch in length. She was quite stunning actually, very beautiful. Her fur was very similar to the water in the lake, but less... dirty. Her head suddenly turned to me, revealing her sapphire eyes. Whoa! I've never seen anything like her, I don't recognise her from any images in the library. She tilted her head at the sight on me. It was then she did something I have never seen any animal do. She smiled. Like a Human. I cracked a grin, surprised at the creatures actions.


She pounced to the ground next to me, startled I stood to my feet. She just watched me, intensively, or curious at least. My brow began to sweat. The wind started to get colder, I had to get inside very soon. Besides, Dinner will be served soon. I considered in my mind, whether or not I should leave her. I mean after all, she is a species I don't know, and it could be interesting to study her. I knelt down to her, one arm balancing me and the other held out towards her. Much like a cat, she sniffed it. She had the characteristics of a cat, but the body of a... Dragon. With no wings obviously. She could be a Dragon of some sort. Maybe. She brushed her head against my head, and by the sounds of it. Started to purr.


I quickly undid my jacket, and she jumped in without a moments delay. I stole away from the Lake, zipping the jacket back. She was thin so she didn't show up so much, luckily. I rushed to my Dormitory after receiving several weird looks. Thank God. No-one else was in here, everyone must be at Dinner already. Now just one question. Where am I going to hide her?

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