You're Going Down

Gemini is a gangster by night and a normal teen by day, second in command of one of the most powerful gangs in New York. Sienna is a professional spy, intent on bringing crime down. Red's just been in too many bad places in her life... What happens when all three meet?


13. What? No. Way.

Gemini's POV

I gathered the sheets of records on the four's behaviour. It was totally normal. But that just leaves Nate. Well nothings impossible. But he couldn't right? Good ol' Nate wouldn't. But then again, him joining the gang just a year ago out the blue was suspicious but I thought he just moved here. Whenever I asked him about his past he would just brush it off and change the subject. I sped out my room and gathered some simple spy gear- tracking devices, cameras, and wire taps. The tracking devices I could use to see where he went, the cameras I could use for obvious reasons and the wire taps I could use to listen in to conversations when cameras weren't available. All I needed to do was plant them into his house, clothes and body. Easier said then done.

I knocked on the door of the William's household and flashed a smile as his mum answered. I greeted her and wandered in, I spent a lot of my time here so it was normal to let me in. My hands patted the small tracking devices, cameras and wire taps in my pocket. They were tiny, in chip form. Easy to carry but small enough not to be seen. I pushed open the door to Nate's room and scanned it. His wasn't in his room. Perfect. Must be in the garden. I grabbed some shirts I knew he wore and planted tracking devices, which had cameras and wire taps in them, on the collars, in his room I planted various cameras and wire taps in his room. I knew there weren't any cameras already because there was a laser on his door frame which, when him and his family or me, entered, the cameras would be disabled. I finished with the chips just as his door burst open as I was putting down his clothes. 

"Mum told me you were up here... Hey, what are you doing with my clothes?" He asked curiously.

"Nothing, just cleaning this dump of a room," I lied smoothly.

"Huh, you're not doing such a good job," He smirked. I rolled my eyes and smacked him on the back of his head.

"Whatever, I was just dropping by to tell you about the gang cellars," My voice dropped into a whisper.

His face paled and he mumbled," So did I, when you went last week I got caught up in something and I only noticed after you'd left. Sucks." His eyes looked down and he twiddled his thumbs.

"So yeah, i'm looking into a new gang area maybe near Westoak's abandoned buildings. Just dropped by to tell you the news," I grinned enthusiastically. 

"You do that," He smiled back but it didn't reach his eyes, I hugged him and carefully planted a tracking device on his collar. I sped out the house and rushed to my room. I dropped the hint of finding a new gang hideout. I opened up my laptops and clicked on the tabs for the tracking device, cameras and wiretaps. Red dots appeared on the map and stayed there, one flashed to show the person was moving. I tapped onto the tabs for the camera and wire taps. Nate wasn't saying anything but the camera showed him heading towards his car and getting in. He was driving towards... My eyes flicked to the tracking device's map. The car was speeding towards... The headquarters for special intelligence? No one knew I had all the locations to every single special intelligence site in the USA. Nate didn't know right? No one could plant wire taps or cameras in my room because of the guards I put up. A muffled sound coming from the wire taps. I assumed it was Nate speaking to someone. Shoot. He stopped at the intelligence HQ.

"She's going to possibly going to use the properties in Westoak. She's definitely on to me, I found her holding my clothes, probably putting tracking devices on them. She fully trusts me, she wouldn't lie. But I know that my excuse was too feeble and that she made lists on possible snitches," Nate reported in a firm tone. 

"You. idiot. Alec Neeson. You idiot. Has she made any physical contact with you?" A deep voice demanded. I heard 'Nate' or Alec gulp.

"I don't think so..." He paused," But she did hug me."

"YOU IDIOT. SHE PROBABLY PLANTED A TRACKING DEVICE ON YOU! HOW DUMB COULD YOU BE? THIS MISSION IS OVER! SHE'S PROBABLY LISTENING TO THIS CONVERSATION RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!" The man screamed. Well that guys was good at his job. I felt pain in my heart at the fact that our friendship was a lie but I got over it at the discovery of who exactly was out snitch. I shut off my laptop. I had all I needed to know. My eyes fluttered closed and I fell into a sadness induced sleep.


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