You're Going Down

Gemini is a gangster by night and a normal teen by day, second in command of one of the most powerful gangs in New York. Sienna is a professional spy, intent on bringing crime down. Red's just been in too many bad places in her life... What happens when all three meet?


25. Time Alone

Reds POV

Honestly, idiots! Sat in my room I began to think things over. My master plan was about to come to fruition. It had only taken two years.


I walked round to Sienna's room. Knock, knock, knock. No answer. 'F**king let me in!' I said,'Or I'll do your f**king head in!'

'Ok, ok, give me a break.' Sienna called, and she opened the door. I sat on her bed. Now let me tell you a story,...

'Once upon a time there was a fricking posh girl in this very room. I didn't like her. I beat her up. She left. She reminds me of you.' I paused, admiring Sienna's face, 'So watch your step.'

Suddenly she shot up. 'I need to make a phone call.' She said.

And she left

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